What type of finish for oak backsplash?

2ajsmamaMarch 8, 2009

Ok, it's not a backsplash but it'll get the same exposure to coffee, rice cooker "spitting" etc. Just no sink on my island. Had custom sides made up to trim out recessed/dropped center on my island. Also need to finish panels over/under fridge cabinet but those will just be exposed to dust, not liquids/food. We'll be doing oak valance and crown too.

Thin piece under plugmold

Sides (before)

After (so you can see what I'm talking about finishing)

3" panel over and under fridge cabinet (yeah, no more gaps!)

I don't know whether to ask carpenter to spray lacquer (I had bad experience trying it on a coffee table in Oct), use brushing lacquer, or just go with water-based poly (DIY). Don't want to use oil-based poly b/c of ambering. Do the water-based polys hold up to liquids?


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Don't use lacquer and don't spray anything that is already in place. Use a good brush on Polyurethane like Varathane. You want a water proof finish in that area. Don't worry about the slight amber color.

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You don't say why not to use lacquer (though I'm not fond of it) and whether oil-based poly is better than water-based. Nothing is installed - just fitted (side pieces are L shaped so just set on counter to check color and take pic). Is water-based no water proof? Carpenter says it is once it's cured.

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Lacquer will blow off the wood in a very short time. Waterborne polyurethanes, especially the two-part products, will not and are very water resistant.

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