checking on how to wire two switches for ceiling fan

stash-hdyFebruary 13, 2010

I would like to move a wall switch that controls a ceiling light. When I do it I want to wire for a ceiling fan and have a separate switches for a fan and the fan light. From the new switch box run a three wire with ground to a fan rated box in the ceiling, pigtail the hot black wire to the 2 switches and use the black to control say the fan and the red wire to control the fan light. Commons and grounds would be joined in the switch box.

I can cut and splice the present hot wire in an exposed junction box and run the wire to the new switch box. I would remove the old switch box but am unsure what to do with the inactive wires in the wall.

Am I correct in my assumptions and what do I do with the inactive wires?

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If the cables are disconnected from the power they can be abandoned in place.

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I moved the switch but could not eliminate the old box that held the old switch. There was power coming in and a feed to another point in the house so I removed the switch and used that wire to get power to the new location. I then covered the box with a full plate. All the other connections worked well.

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The box with power must remain accessible. Put a blank cover on it and paint or paper to match the room and you are fine.

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