how to hang shutters on styrafoam stucco band?

Bridget HelmMarch 7, 2008

hello everyone. we've got stucco bands around all of our aluminum windows and i want working shutters. usually people with stucco bands just hang their shutters on the side of the stucco band and they don't operate or they have wood windows and the shutters are applied inside the window thus are able to operate. with the aluminums you cant do that hang on the window (the'yre flush with the house).

anyhow, I've found hardware that will make it possible to hang the shutters on the stucco band itself. i'm thinking that if we use a long enough screw we'll hit a 2x4??? the trim carpenter told us that the shutters would eventually rip the band off. i've got the hardware people telling me that they just need to use long screws and i've got someone else telling me to cut wood blocks and lay them in the stucco band, which i don't understand.

anyone else have this problem? Oh, and before you ask what my builder says, he's not so great, barely speaks to us (have been in the home since may) and gave us the response, "i guess you'll just have to get lucky!" -- whatever that means??!!

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You could drill out the foam trim to accept rigid bushings that would allow the screws or bolts holding the hinges to apply their force directly to the structure, taking the foam out of the equation. If not, the foam will crush and the hinges will loosen.
The bushings can be made of plastic pipe, or metal. To avoid admitting any water, the whole business would need to be slathered with sealant.

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Bridget Helm

thank you casey! once i find a carpenter to hang them, i will pass your reply along to him. it's been difficult to find someone for the job since we are in Louisiana. everyone is swamped with work over here.

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