John Boos Varnique.... anyone???

2LittleFishiesMarch 10, 2012

We are doing a John Boos Island top for our kitchen reno. 9'x4' and it's 1 3/4" thick. No sink, no dishwasher. Edge grain.

I've been going back and forth about using mineral oil or doing a furniture finish as you may know b/c I've posted here before. I like the matte look of the wood and don't really want it to look too much like a furniture table.

If we chop on it, it would just be on a small section in the prep area... not the whole island. I know if we choose a "finish" we'd need to use a cutting board only and that's fine.

SO, being we are buying from BOOS, their options are mineral oil or varnique. (If you choose nothing on it, there is no warranty )

**HAS ANYONE USED THEIR "VARNIQUE" OR KNOW WHAT IT IS? HOW IT WEARS? ETC? Also, I didn't like Waterlox b/c it changed the color of my samples and had an amber color to it. Does the Varnique do that? Also Boos says it's a semi-gloss which I'm afraid will be too shiny.

My gut has been to go with the Mineral Oil but I'm a little worried with all the wiping down of the island we'll be doing (eating at it with kids, etc) it may be A LOT of oiling and a lint catcher, etc... Also, getting oily papers, etc.

Any advise here is greatly appreciated! : )

From their site:


John Boos & Co. offers two unique finishes. One is perfect for your application. Penetrating Oil: If you wish to use your butcher block top as a cutting surface, this is the only finish to purchase. Just like cutting boards and butcher blocks, the natural wood surface is protected by oil, which is actually absorbed into the fibers. It is advisable to periodically re-oil your butcher block tops to preserve their beauty and durability. If, after heavy usage, you wish to remove cut marks, just sand off the top and re-oil. It will look like new. Varnique: This beautiful semi-gloss finish is virtually maintenance free. It is impervious to most household chemicals. Cleans up easily with mild soap and water. The fine furniture look makes it the choice for kitchen island bars and eating counters. Cuts into the finish should be resealed immediately to prevent the exposed wood from absorbing moisture. John Boos EZ-DO a wipe on poly gel is recommended for use.

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Sounds like you want to go with the penetrating oil. The Varnique is polyurethane, and will have a gloss to it.

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