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carla17March 27, 2009

I could not find the proper site to post this so I'm giving it a try here. I would like to know if shellac would protect painted birdhouses. A friend gave me one years ago and it crumbled apart. I have two new bluebird houses to finish painting and want them to last. I have used outdoor paint and Kilz before that on them.

Thank you!


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No. Shellac is very susceptable to moisture and is a terrible exterior finish.

If a birdhouse crumbled apart, I suspect the material was more at fault than the paint/finish.

I have made bat houses from both pine and poplar and not used any kind of finish at all----and they last several years before any problems.

Use pine and the primer/paint---but do not paint the interior.

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No, shellac is a bad choice. If you want some kind of finish, use a exterior grade varnish, prime/paint, or one of the stains sold for decks/fences.

I'd think cedar (white or western red, not the aromatic kind) would be a good choice for a birdhouse. Cypress would work too.

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