Tropical Lazy Susan

cindilooAugust 29, 2008

Got this cleaned up and sealed this evening. Had some grout bleed under the TG, but all in all I'm happy with it.

A little closer look and the glitter tiles sparkle!

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Cool & refreshing!! I'll take a lemonade!! Love the glitter! What are those pieces glass is standing on? Do they come like that!! I would like to try but couldn't cut tile, hands won't take it. It's either smash with hammer or buy pieces to see what I could do. I just love the results of all the great artists on this forum!! Jan

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Thank you, SUNNY C!! The 'table' the glass is sitting on is made with hexagon shaped ceramic tiles. I did have to
cut some of them and it was kind of hard. Have you tried using a tile saw? Someone once posted a way to nip plates and tiles that was real easy on the hands...I'll see if I can find it in the morning.

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I love your lazy susan! I really like the way you designed the background with the alternating patterns and the lime looks so real. Make mine a martini!

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Good mornin to you all. As long as everybody's putting their orders in, make mine a strawberry daquiri. And Cindi I like your lazy susan. The colors you used are perfect. I can actually picture myself on the beach. Good job.

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Cindiloo, I thought I had posted already but guess not.


That should take center stage in your house. So refreshing, I want a margarita!! Well, it's a bit too early for that this morning, How about a orange juice in a pretty glass. LOL

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This is gorgeous!!! Excellent job!! Slow did a 3d version(bug her to post a pic!lol!) This lazy bob(women just aren't lazy!lol!) is too pretty to put anything on!!!

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Great job on the lazy bob. Love the design. Calamity, your right women aren't lazy!

Since we are placing orders, I'll take a strawberry fruit smoothy.

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AWESOME!!!! That is the best theme tray I have ever seen!!
You are a natural girl!!! Everything you do is unreal!
So freaking impressed!! You are really making mosaics
your OWN!......So glad you joined us here. I saw
you in the garden forum...Your talents are so better served here! You really ROCK!!!! I love to see your stuff!!
Always such a joy!!!

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You did a fantastic job, love the colors! Margarita for me please!

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Cindiloo, what a colorful fun piece! Everything you do is different, fun, and special! Pour one of those margaritas for yourself and tip it in celebration. Great job!

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