Swiss Cheese Studs?

plumeriavineFebruary 25, 2010

Trying not to overstay my welcome here. Thanks in advance for your patience.

Quick recap - - the walls were closed up before electrical was seen by the inspectors - - permits were pulled but inspections were not called after maybe the first week of the job.

Remembering what we saw - - I posted already about the stud notching - - that was probably OK - - my next question - - these were existing studs and I am pretty sure they had already been penetrated through the centers for conduit in the past.

Can studs be both notched and hollowed through, both tunneling methods, or does that overly weaken the studs?

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Well, it depends. If it is a supporting wall, then you might have issues. Otherwise it's not that big a deal.

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I am pretty sure that it is just a partition wall, but cabinets full of heavy dishes hang on it above the tunnelling.

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Ron Natalie

The loss of rigidity due to the studs being notched isn't going to be any worse than the general unworkmanlike peice of crap tiling job done by your contractor.

All that grout's going to likely crack anyhow.

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The concern with removing too much wood from the structure is that it becomes too weak to support your house. Cabinets are incredibly light compared to a second story.

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