Revarnish over one section of floor??

chas045March 22, 2013

We have an ~13 year old home. The ground floor is all 2.5" solid strip oak. It is mostly an open floor plan with the kitchen and great room together. The smaller 'living room' originally had carpet and we had it replaced with matching wood seven years ago and therefore saw how that floor was laid and sanded. At the same time, the rest of the floors were power buffed and ALL floors were re-varnished together.

Five years ago, we added six feet on to the kitchen and dining room. I don't recall that we had the entire downstairs re-varnished although I just realized that we needed a small patch on the other side of the room under removed cabinets.

We currently have two areas; the major kitchen work area and by the front door, where the varnish has worn away and I am hoping that I can just re-varnish those areas without covering the whole floor. So the question is, can I just hand buff the worn areas with some of that buffing screen to bring back the natural wood color and varnish and somehow feather it in?

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You're gonna hate the answer ... it's "maybe".

It's worth trying - carefully tape off the worn sections plus a bit more along board lines and scuff-sand them, then apply the varnish to just those boards.

The buff up the whole floor and see how it blends.

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Not so bad an answer. I was staring more closely and see that the major area I was hoping to avoid covering also shows some wear and I would need to recover it anyway. That would leave one major adjacent uncovered area parallel with the boards. The two semi-separated rooms each have header strips and might easily hide the change.

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