andersen A series vs marvin integrity ultrex/wood

lkbum_gwJuly 12, 2011

Been through the sales pitch now for

1) Andersen A - Series

2) Marvin Integrity Wood/Ultrex

New construction, HEAVY sun exposure, North Georgia, Relatively mild climate, mainly casements, 2 large outswing french and 2 large sliders. Opinions? Good/Bad? Seems like both products are similar. Tend to favor Fiberglass over the composite Andersen. Both seemed to be well built, Andersen is much more flexible regarding sizes. I don't have quotes on both windows yet.

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We bid both and went with the Marvin even though it was more expensive. I have been very happy with the casements and double hung windows. I am a bit stumped about the window treatments because of the jamb profile, but I'm sure I'll figure out something.
I liked the option of painting the wood interior the same color as our trim.

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Thanks for the response, it really is a tough decision. My Marvin quote was around $40k, waiting on the Andersen quote.... I like the idea of fiberglass exterior. Don't know much about the Andersen exterior. I've just started researching it.

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Remember with the A series Andersen the frame is wood wrapped with a thin vinyl and if you are using double hung windows the exterior is the sash is actually a painted exterior surface not vinyl clad or wrapped.

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Andersen's exterior are vinyl or Fibrex in the case of their Renewal line.

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Thanks for the replies, I viewed the Andersen's yesterday. I do not want a clad product. They showed me a cut away of their windows and the exterior frame of the A series they showed was all Fibrex, very similar to integrity but fibrex instaed of fiberglass. Their outswing doors were clad wood, with a Fibrex frame. They left a section of Fibrex that I currently have in an acclerated aging oven at my office (I work with polymers). One thing the ANdersen rep said which I have not been able to confirm is that you can paint the Fibrex material. I've never seen a Vinyl you could paint, but I have not looked that closely. Further thoughts? Thanks for the input.

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I did find the instructions for painting Fibrex, just about the same as fiberglass.

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Fibrex is somewhat porous (recalling for memory) and supposedly takes paint the same way.

It is, by composition, 70% vinyl resins but does not require the same specialty painting that a UPVC framed vinyl window does (i.e. powder coating like painting process).

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I received a surprise today, My Andersen A series quote was roughly 25% (yes 25%) HIGHER than Marvin Integrity. Some windows/doors were as much as 50% higher (triple panel slider - $3300 Andersen, $2300Integrity). The marvins have muti-point locks and on the surface appear to be the same or better in just about every aspect. Am I missing something here? I expected the Andersens to be significantly less, and so did their sales rep. Any input is appreciated. Thanks...

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The A series should be more than Integrity. This is what is confusing with Andersen. The 100 and 200 series will be less than Integrity but about the same as the 400 series.
If I were a consumer and I walked into that, it would make my head spin.
The A series has some nice features but you can't tell me that fibrex is just as durable as fiberglass. I think they made your decision easy for you.

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Thanks eastbay, it really did make the decision easier. I've got an email into their rep to see what he says.

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I stick to my recommendation and am glad that they steered you, albeit inadvertently, to the right decision.

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A-Series has a fibrex frame and a fiberglass clad sash. This is from Andersen's brochure on the A-Series for professionals. There is no reason why fibrex should fail any sooner than fiberglass. It is completely immune to water, just as is fiberglass. The advantage of A-series is that it is available in a number of deep colors, Marvin Integrity has a much more restricted palette of exterior colors. We are probably going to go with the A-series because of color choice. Otherwise, I would definitely go with the Marvin Integrity. That said, I see no reason to fear fibrex as a material, it has been in use for quite some time.

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to downloadable brochures

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