How Do I Fix This-- Finish or Stain?

lucinda002March 23, 2009

We are going to sell this solid cherry bed but need to fix this problem. My husband's head must have rubbed up against the headboard. I have tried to use Old English on it, but it doesn't work.

Does anyone have a suggestion that wouldn't cost too much. I think there is something called Homer Fornsby, but not sure.

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Can you provide a closer, clearer picture of the damage? It's hard to tell whether the finish is worn off, discolored, or if it's got something stuck to its surface.

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Thanks for responding. After I posted, I went to the local ACE hardware store and bought some refinisher solution..rub on.rub off kind. It looks a lot better, but not perfect. So, I am unable to take a photo since it looks better. I think it will have to do.

I rubbed on the solution with a 0000 steel wool. I soaked the pad and then started rubbing gently then increased the pressure. I can still see it a bit, but not nearly as much as before..

It was very bizzare. I don't think it was anything "on" the wood as the steel wool didn't take it off right away. I might try to put more on later.

Again, thanks for your time in responding to my problem.

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Ready, fire, aim.

The "refinisher solution" is probably a variant of lacquer thinner. It dissolves the finish (lacquer) and smears it around. Homer Formby became a rich man by selling lacquer thinner as "finish restorer" and thinned varnish as "tung oil finish."

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Well, I must say that Homer Fornsby has my vote. It worked for me as a bandaid fix. That was an interesting bit of info. I can see that if I continue to apply the "refinisher" with the steel wool, it just might smear the finish too much and leave a big, worn spot. I think I will leave "good enough" alone. I appreciate your response. Anybody want a solid cherry bed and dresser? ha ha Thanks!

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And think of all the flames I got from.."someone" when I suggested using laquer thinner to melt a finish back together.

Cheap and dirty....but it a cheap and dirty way! LOL!
Linda c

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Lacquer thinner is not a single product any more than chicken soup it. It depends upon the "cook."

It is quite similar to ATM stripper/refinishers

Here is a link that might be useful: What's in finish restorer

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