What a Perfect Day!!!

Calamity_JAugust 25, 2008

Not ONLY did I get to hang out with Klinger ALL DAY..we went thrift storing, visited a GW Gal in another town...but when I got home, There was a PKG waiting for me!!!! TESSERAE TREASURE!!!! WOW!!! I ran back out of the house and yelled for Cindy(who was just leaving) to come see and she stopped her car in the middle of my driveway and came runnin'!!! Talk about a couple kids in a candy store!! It made it more perfect that she was here when I opened it!!! Yippeee! I LOVE Everything I got!!! What a score!!! Am I allowed to post a pic or shall I wait?!

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We did have a great day.The weather was good and the other gal we visited had the most beautiful lake front property. Her gardens and view were spectacular.We also went to a farmers market and garden centre.Had lunch and caught up with news in our lives.
Jane got a wonderful package in the mail, a great exchange surprize,

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I can't speak for anyone else Jane but I know I'm dying to see what you got. Post up girl!!!!

I just packed up my box and printed the label and it will be on its way tomorrow to my exchange partner1

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Me, too...Wanna see...wanna see!!

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YEa.. Pretty please with sugar on top?? Can we see whatcha got???

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Yes, yes, yes! (EG)

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Okay...I'm totally thrilled as I just had picked up a treasure at the TS when I was out with Klinger, and had invisioned some leaves on it and so when I opened my PKG...there was the most PERFECT leaves!!!! Plus sooo much more! Elephants, butterflies, glue, plaster cast, nuggets,jewelery, sculpty, buttons, miniture masks and mics, and the coolest container for storage!!! WOW!!! A FULL MEAL DEAL!!! I've been wanting to experiment with sculpty and the plaster cast stuff! And These tiny little orange nuggets that will look perfect on another project I am "collecting" tesserae for! It's like a Vulcan Mind Meld!
Thank You Soooo Much Louisiana Greetings!!!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Oh! I LOVE those LEAVES! Wowwee! And that elephant necklace....boy will those beads trim something up really special. Thankyou for posting! That was so fun!

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W-O-W!!!! Did you ever score big time!! It's all just fantastic but I really, really love that elephant! Can't wait to see where her new home will be!

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Way to go gal! I am envious of you, but mine will be here before I know it! Bonnie, you did yourself proud and I know that crazy Calamity can do something wonderful with that stuff.

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just got back from eagles club, they have the best steaks and Karioke on Tue. nites, high point of my life :-).
and checked in here to find that you received your package, i'm glad it made it safe, i was worried that it might get trashed in the mail, cuz i know how things get slung around.
i was also concerned what to send, i had no clue as what to send, sounds like you like it.
the elephant necklace and the little mask is from Mardi Gras, it was caught last year at a Mardi Gras parade ,the container is actually a button storage container , from the fabric store, and the rest is just odds and ends.
and i'm a bit of a procrastinator, so i thought i better get in the mail as soon as possible.
happy mosaicing bonnie

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WOW! Mardi Gras!!! That is so special as I'd LOVE to go to New Orleans!!! I was worried too about shipping stuff so I packed so much like you did! The person will have a lot of extra bags to use!hahaha! My head is percolating with an idea for those leaves! It will include doing some stained glass(soldering). I sent you an email....

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Thanks for posting a pic calamity after the teaser. I'm like a kid at Christmas and really, really wanted to see what you received. It looks like you have a lot of wonderful items to work with and I can't wait to see what you come up with.

I just mailed my box and I'm really nervous.....hoping the box gets there ok and doesn't get lost by the postal service.

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Pretty, pretty, pretty!! Those will definitely become a masterpiece in the hands of Janie!!
Gotta get my packing finished...we're working 10-12 hr days right now, so I am shooting for mailing on Friday AM. Bedtime is 8:30 and getting up at 4:30A...YICK!!


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i wasn't sure where to post this , but shouldn't we keep all these in the same post so we don't have to keep starting a new one? and that way we can scope em all out at the same time?
Calamity_j, i went to the P.O. today and picked up my package, took me forever to get back home to get into it, had to sign my life away to get it! at least they didn't make me open it right there :-),i was telling the clerk at the P.O. that it was mosaicing stash and she asked" we don't have that stuff in B.R.?
had to pick up gas cans for several people and some water and canned goods, in case GUSTAV attacks us, sooooo i'm running around in the pouring down rain,can't wait to get home to open my goodies, bumper to bumper, soaking wet from the rain.
get home cart all the stuff in and my package of course.
by the way C_j is a very good packer, and i got some really cool stuff, run get the camera, take the pics, and now i can't get my damn puter to realize my camera is plugged in, and it will not cooperate at all so the pics aren't here!!! and i know i shouldn't be wasting all your time , but it sure makes me feel better :-) will keep trying to post pics, i will find a way, i have the will!!
again thank you Calamity_j, i love it.

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Whoo Hoo!!! I was so excited to see how you'd like the stuff I sent as Klinger and I KNOW we'd all be "Peas in a Pod" with you!!!(tufa/garden art/etc) It was hard getting down to a reasonable size pkg!lol!

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Hey everyone! Doncha just love the excitement an exchange generates??! Christmas in August!

Could everyone please post in the "lookie lookie, etc" thread? The title of this thread is DESCRIPTIVE, but it doesn't tell anyone that it is the TESSARAE EXCHANGE thread. We don't want anyone to miss out on your goodies! I didn't know to look here til I read it in the "lookie" thread. THANKS SO MUCH!

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By the way, now that you both have gotten your packages, I wanted for the longest time to tell you that you had EACH OTHER and that was just how it worked out when I drew names for each of you. I had EVERYONE in the exchange in the pot, and had one of my boys draw the names. I thought about having them draw again when when it turned out that way, but then I thought, nah, it was kind of cool that it did. I hope you both feel that way also!

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I thought it was WAY COOL!!! Kudos to you and your son/helper!!!

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