Anyone from Marvin-Integrity follow the forum?

dwpcJuly 3, 2009

If so, I just want you to know your marketing people are idiots for not offering Integrity sliding doors in replacement opening sizes. Its frustrating to finally find a superb product and find its only available in full height nail fin sizes making it useless for remodeling. So Eagle gets our order, even with a higher price.

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They do make a shorter door for replacements. They do not do custom sizes. Their doors fit majority of the patio doors out there. They run on a two week lead time which does not leave room for custom sizes. It is designed as a new construction product. Custom sizes is what their Aluminum Clad line is for which is similar to the Eagle door you just ordered. Hope you got the kynar finish or like fading!

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Several dealers and the Integrity website say differently. The dealers unanimously tell me that retro doors are generally 80" RO. 83" (RO) is the shortest Integrity make; Too bad, Integrity is a better value but not if I must tear apart a load-bearing wall to install it. There should be a custom option without going to the AL Clad line, which is a beautiful product but very, very costly ($7K vs. $3K Integrity). If you know a contact who can get me 80" Integrity doors, please do post it. I'd be grateful.

I don't accept the two week lead time as an excuse from a big outfit like Marvin; not in 2009. Point-of-sale generated shop orders, automated CAD, bar coding of parts for orders, and CNC shop machines, etc. make custom work pretty simple and cost efficient. Pultruded fiberglass can be cut to length like millwork. If they don't get with it, some Chinese company will probably show them how its done.

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Have you checked the Marvin Infinity line? They are more custom than Integrity from what I understand. Integrity is just standard sizes while Infinity is custom sizing. Hope that helps if not sorry about he wild goose chase.

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