mysterious part inside subpanel

jimmyATcofcFebruary 20, 2014

I have a question about a subpanel that I'm getting ready to use. The attached picture that I found on the web seems to be of an identical panel. My question is: what is the gadget that has the ground wires wrapped around it in this picture? Surely that is not its intended purpose.


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That part is from something else. The panel probably has a label inside that specifies the proper ground bar kit. Easier to read before the panel is installed.

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That is a bonding jumper. When the panel is used for service equipment (main) you swing that down and push the round end into one of the holes on the neutral bus and tighten the screw back up, bonding the cabinet to the neutral. When it is used as a sub panel you remove it and install a proper ground bus or a lug to the cabinet, isolated from the neutral bus..

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Ron Natalie

JoeFixit nailed it. The only thing I would add is that wrapping the ground wire around this is NOT an approved way of grounding anything. You need to get an appropriate ground terminal and install it in the panel and land the ground on that.

The proper part can be had for under $10 from any electrical supply, online, or even many of the home centers.

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the panel is also installed illegally, among other things.... (backfed breaker isn't secured)
If mounted horizontal like that, on must be the up position, and off down.

Article 240.81 Indicating.
Circuit breakers shall clearly indicate
whether they are in the open âÂÂoffâ or closed âÂÂonâ position.
Where circuit breaker handles are operated vertically
rather than rotationally or horizontally, the âÂÂupâ position of
the handle shall be the âÂÂonâ position.

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Ron Natalie

I think that one cable coming in is a load not the feeder. The panel is a "main lugs" panel which the two hots fill the two large terminals just to the right of the 20A breaker.

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The lugs are empty. Unless this picture was taken before the feeder was pulled in and landed, it would have to be being energized via backfeeding the breaker.

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I suspect the OP found the image at some "bad electrical installations" website.

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Ron Natalie

Holy crap Jreagan. You're close. It's part of some potheads goofball grow light system....

You can read the rest of it's description at the link below...

Here is a link that might be useful: Potheads should stay away from electricity

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