Newbie Outdoor Adhesive Question

cindyweAugust 31, 2012

This is my first post, I am planning on starting my first mosaic on an outdoor patio table. I have searched the forum for weeks for adhesive tips and found that most recommend Mapei Ultra FlexII. However, I have no idea how to use it! If I mix it how long does it last before hardening? Since I'm a first timer would it be easier for me to buy something in a pre-mixed squeeze tube? But what would work for outdoor? Thank you!

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Cindy, congrats on your first project! Maipei is just mixed with water. You want to add water slowly and end up with something like thick peanut butter. What's also very important is what the table you're covering is made out of. Wood expands and contracts in weather and is not recommended for outdoor projects. If you're covering metal or glass, I will need to defer to others on this forum. I only use Maipei on concrete, and it's a concrete mortar, or thinset. I'm not sure if it works on metal or glass, but if you can tell us what you're covering, others can chime in on the best adhesive to use.

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Thank you so much for the info! Well, the glass top broke on an old patio table so I put on treated wood and then my nice husband topped it with a backerboard, $30 for the wood then another $20 for backerboard stuff, it's adding up quickly. I'm going to cover it with broken tiles. Hope I can do it. So, can the thinset be stored if I am slow?

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Backerboard should work fine! Its very easy to mix up small amts of thinset, I usually use a small butterbowl. It stays workable for for id say an hour or 2 if conditions are cool and shady. Covering the bowl or putting the remains in a plastic bag can stretch it further, but its so easy to mix up a small amount, its not an issue.

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Also keep a small spray bottle of water nearby. Sometimes when the thinset starts to set, you can extend its workability for a few more minutes with a spritz of water.

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Backerboard, perfect. I do like Wacky, mix up a small amount of Maipei at a time and it works great. I save my yogurt cups then use them mix my small batches of thinset. Then when I'm done, I can toss it without having to wash up, hehe.

Be sure to post pictures of your project! We'd love to see it!

And Silva, thanks for the spray bottle suggestion.

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Thank you all so much for the help and support! Now I just have to get started ;)

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