Is this a good price for Hayworth?

uncertainteedJuly 27, 2009

I looked on google, but can't find anything at all...

My Dad wants to have a replacement window installed in the living room. The contractor seems a bit shady to me, and I'm not liking some of the conditions. We were quoted a price of $1600 for the window, $175 for fasteners, and about $500 for labor (estimated) for a 107" x 52" picture window that has a fixed pane in the middle and 2 sliding windows on the 2 ends. The window brand is Hayworth.

We went to the place where the dealer is buying it from to ask the price they are selling it for, but we were told that it's confidential. They can only tell the contractor the price.

I just googled Hayworth Windows and came up with nothing at all! I do believe that is the brand name we were told.

I'm getting tired of the secrecy, so I thought I'd ask others here about it. I'm not at all familiar with the pricing on these things.

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If your inner voice is saying (or rather it sems to be screaming) - "what gives?" Then you need to keep looking. I just went through the oh so fun experience too. Only I needed 18 replacement windows. What a load of crap I had to listen to before I could make my decision. Please shop around. Your ears may hurt for a while but you will sleep better at the end. One thing about the process, you will get better at asking the right questions for your need.

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