To pipe or not to pipe

alwaysadaylateAugust 16, 2013

I am making a bench cushion for a black u-shaped lounge bench in my son's room. I have put the fabric around a few bed pillows just to see what it would look like. The faux black piping you see in the picture is actually duct tape. The fabric is a grey with black specks.

What do you think? Piping or no piping?

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Piping makes it more modern and edgy where as a self-welt is traditional and classy, so go with your gut :)

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Thanks so gut has been saying piping.....but my sewing skills are saying what the heck are you thinking????you can't sew!!!

My son's room is more modern. I attached a pic if his bed and bookcase. My husband is not done building his desk yet, but I would say it is definitely modern. So I guess piping it is!!

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Something to consider: the black piping may bother you if it's not straight or not lining up with other cushions on the u-shaped lounge bench.

I'm not that great at sewing piping onto cushions. My piping came out less than professional looking, so I was glad my piping was not a contrasting color.

I like your mock up...that is a good idea!
Keep us posted when your project is done.

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Laurie_2008. I am so glad you pointed that out!!!you are absolutely right. my first piping project should not be this one. It will just have to be "pipingless"- I didn't even think about the piping matching up on the 3 different seat cushions!! Thanks!

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Annie Deighnaugh


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Ohhhh, I love the piping!! But I understand wanting it to look perfect. Know anyone that can help you?

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I might be able to find a recruit to help.....:)

I needed to order additional fabric from Joanne's. So, I have to wait 4 - 6 weeks before the fabric is in to start this project.

Hopefully the fabric will come in earlier but not too early..I need some practice time. :)

Thanks so much for all the responses...It really helped. I will post a pic as soon as it is done!!

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I agree with Lsurie, piping should look perfect or else you might as well omit it.
a seamstress once explained to me how piping is done, she had a special attachment on her machine, and it's done on the bias then the finished lengths are assembled as needed, then sewed to the cushions.
I was then working in a fabric shop and I wanted to be able to justify the extra cost in labor and fabric to clients who questioned it.

I think your cushions will look great even without the piping, a relaxed look is very suited for your application.

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