Sorry to post again, but have new question....

gcpommomAugust 12, 2008

I bought a bar-height table off Craigslist yesterday for my daughter's teeny tiny apartment. Told her that we could work together and mosaic the top (she's a little artist).

Now the question: the top of the table has formica. It is in really good shape, not peeling off or anything. Can we tile right over that, or do I need to make a new table top for it? If I can tile over it, what adhesive do I use?

I tried searching "formica", but didn't come up with much info. Thanks so much, I appreciate your help. I want the table to be special for her.


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What I have done is...
Chipped off the laminate.....another time.. sanded the laminite down to nothing.....All have worked ok...... But I moved before I saw years of wear.. Now.. if it was my project today.. I would put concrete board on top.... It doesn't cost much, and you can use thinset, as the adhesive, and it will last forever! It cuts with a razor knife, you can screw it down, and it gives you a water safe place to put you tiles. That is what I would do....

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I, too, have tiled over formica. It's up to you to make that decision. However, remember you are attaching your tiles to something that might come loose years later. If it's in perfect condition, and it looks like there's no hint of the formica lifting, I'd probably mosaic over it after sanding it a bit. If you want to make SURE your table lasts for your grandchildren's grandchildren, take it off and do as LOVE suggest - backerboard, using thinset to lay it on the tabletop, then thinset to mosaic it. Let us know what you do.

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Well, that's what I was afraid of! Something new to attempt, I've never used backerboard, or thinset. I had gone to the Habitat for Humanity store last month, and bought a tub of the premixed thinset, then read such horrible things about it! So I guess I won't use that.

So...we will work on taking the table apart. I just attach the backerboard to the wood top after removing the formica, correct?

Thanks so much for your help, I truly appreciate it.


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No...just attach the backerboard to your table as is....
then you have a concrete base to use the's a concrete mixture, so it works with the thin it will work together. Just screw it down..and use thinset to set your tiles. It makes your edge wider..but that's will last forever.....
Wish I had done that now on my last project!

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Thanks, love :) Good to know. The table currently has a plastic ridged edging, like is often on a table this style, that can be repostitioned. Of course, not so sure I like the plastic anyway, so may just figure out something else for the edge.

My daughter is making me nervous, trying to find "a perfect design"...need to remind her that I am fairly new at this! She wants to go with red, black and white, but finding red tiles or plates is not easy.

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Make your on red glass it is real easy your black and white just pant your glass.

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That is going to make a very cute table. I agree with Nana, you can paint the back of clear glass with red paint and then cut it and glue it on. Good luck!

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