Sir Wigglesworth Yellow brick road stand

mermaidmosaicsAugust 19, 2008

I wanted Sir Wiggle to be raised off the pool deck, so I made a yellow brick road pattern for him to stand on. I'm not very happy with the spiral which is why I asked Lady Ronnie how she did her vanity. But as one of you gals is always saying, It is what it is.. and I had trouble with the curves of the clay pot

And yes there is a mermaid next to Sir Wiggle, I love her but she is made or resin, and I don't think I could mosaic her, I DID give her a necklace of pearls, and I also have thought about mosaicing her tale, but just worried it might not work with the resin.

I took a short break from mosaics this weekend since I was knda bummed out about my ability to mosaic because of the response I got from from my kleenex box mosaic.. Well, something I will have to learn is that not everyone has our ideas of what art is ..

HEre I am babling as Fay is pounding on our door!! She changed direction and is supposed to pass right over our house!!!! Still it is ONLY a tropical storm.. tons of rain over 8 " as we speak and heavy wind!!! Keep your fingers crossed she gets out into the atlantic and stays at sea!!

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I'm pretty new here & haven't tried this but love it!! You have gotten up your courage & you are doing just fine!! Mr Wigglesworth seems pretty happy to me!! Love the beautiful yellow & red. I decorated cakes for years & you don't start out great, it's slow process. I went back & had another look at your Kleenix box & I would have commented on it but I had just signed up. It is lovely & I'll bet your mom was really pleased with it. I read lot of good comments about it so just keep on 'doing' girl!! Jan

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I like Sir Wigglesworth's yellow brick road pedestel! It gives me a nice colorful lift so you can see him better! Great job!

I can't get the hang of doing spirals or rounds, but I'm gonna give it a try...that's all you can do. Someone once gave me a tip about key holing your tiles. Cutting your tiles in pie shapes to fit together and turn. It's a lot harder (for me anyway) than I thought it would be!

Please don't let others discourage you from doing mosaics!
Some people just don't get it and that's ok, cuz there are a LOT that do and most of us are right here and we LOVED your kleenex box....go back and read all the nice comments, that should give you encouragement!

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AWESOME stand!!! Good job! I just love him! And mosaic that girl!!! She's lookin' a bit "plain jane"! lol!!!

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thanks gals, I certainly wasn't talking about you all on the kleenex box because I did get lots of great comments, I was talking about the recipient of the box, love her, but I agree with Cindiloo on some people just don't get as excited as we do over mosaics.
ANd Cindi thanks for your comments on how to approach the swirls, will try

Jane, yes I used to LOVe her but now she is looking a little "plain jane" next to Sir Wiggle!!

and thanks Sunny for the kind words. Yes, we all have to have a beginning and learning curve, some just longer than others. LOL

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How utterly beautiful. You have made a WONDERFUL start in mosaicing. I LOVE CINDI's response re everyone not seeing the beauty in the same things we do, and the ones who do are right here on this forum. AMEN. LOVE this place. We all are family, and live the obsession we have in mosaics through each other's works. Keep on keeping on. We love your work. Don't you DARE get discouraged.

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The stand is wonderful and your swirls are just fine!! Cindi and Slow are right on...personally, I love the way it holds Sir Wigglesworth up off the pool deck. Got a 'thing' for art on pedestals...seems to give it more importance somehow.

cindi - an idea I heard somewhere (wish I could remember where so could give credit!) was to make yourself a pattern from a circle cut into the pie wedge shapes, then use that to mark the keystone shapes on your glass and cut them out. Haven't done it yet myself, but sounds like it could work...


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I love Sir Wigglesworth's new pedastal! What did you use as your base? I really like the shape. Good job on your swirls! So bright and cheerful.

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Oh, GREAT tip, Pat! I found a round glass table yesterday at GW and was thinking of doing one of these designs:

It's down my list a bit, so don't hold your breath, lol!

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Great work Mermaid! I like the colors and the swirls look good to me.
Now I see the mermaid lady, and definately mosaic her! You could just mosaic her fins and doll her up with jewlery or something like that.
Ditto peoples response.
I don't get much support around here either, just and nod and "that's nice" while they are looking at the tv

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Thanks all, you warm my soul, we all have to stick together in our "obsession's" we all do "GET IT"

Terikat, the base is a plane old clay pot we had in our shed for years. I was looking for something to put Sir Wiggle on and presto, it was perfect. I certainly couldn't let poor Sir Wiggle sit on a PLAIN pot, LOL.

Pat, great idea on the curve problem, will certainly try that on my next one. Cindi , wow, I love those patterns, can't wait to see what you pick for your glass table. We'll try not to pester you for awhile about it...

This is the BEST place to get encouragment , support, and inspiration. I thank you all

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LOVE those patterns, CINDI: Yeah, MER. This playground is the best around, bar none. Anxious to see your next project.

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