Rubbing Out Waterlox Finish to get rid of Dust

2LittleFishiesMarch 1, 2013

I re-did my Satin Waterlox again and this time no streaks- it looks great! I did it 7 days ago and we haven't used the island since. (history: Cab maker did 4 coats in December and I just followed WL instructions and did the top coat again due to some scratching)

Unfortunately, I did seem to get some dust or fuzzies on the finish this time so when you rub your hand over the top there are some little "nibs" keeping it from being perfectly smooth. What's the best way to get rid of these. Like I said it isn't for appearance reasons- I'd just like to smooth the finish out more to the touch.

I am pretty sure I'd have to wait a minimum of 30 days from when I did the last coat for curing. WL says the final cure is 30-90 days.

Any ideas? Also, I'm NOT a woodworker so I'd love to keep this simple : ) I emailed Waterlox and she said I could buff it out again with steel wool or 320 grit sand paper and refinish, but I don't want to go through refinishing again right now. Maybe in a couple of years if the top needs it...

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Any rubbing technique will have to be done everywhere because it will change the sheen.
One way is to use finest steel wool, and go in one direction, usually with the grain, then vac. off the dust and buff.
Another way is to use a fine abrasive paste or powder, like a buffing compound or rottenstone + oil.
The best way to get the nubs down is with a fine sandpaper (1500 grit) and water plus a drop of detergent. Using a rubber sanding block, gently sand with the grain; wipe off the slurry, then use the rottenstone.

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Nothing is perfect.

I'd leave it be since you're happy with the finish.

Time will take care of the "dust nibs" with use.

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Thanks very much! I'm going to let it cure for 30 days minimum and think about this in the meantime.

Zagut- I was wondering if it might just work itself out with use!

Another woodworker who does a lot of You Tube videos recommended using Turtle Wax rubbing compound on a cotton cloth.

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Any sort of abrasive, even a paper bag.

Which abrasive you choose will determine the final sheen.

Here is a link that might be useful: paper bag rub-out

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I used a "magic eraser" to get a few bits of lint off my counter. Done gently, it knocks the lint off without affecting the satin gloss much.

I'd never heard of the brown paper bag method - worth keeping in mind.

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I like to use 0000 steel wool, followed by a cloth rag (bed sheets are best)

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