Need from from the Fabric Shoppers!

movin-onAugust 4, 2012

I am working on a master bedroom for my husband's 'out of town' place. I am trying to locate this fabric:

Williamsburg ikat ebony. I have found the fabric locally for $21/yard, but I'm hoping that I can find something similar.

I love the ikat, graphic-styled fabric, The colors need to be a dark charcoal and the celery green.

You guys have such a talent for finding fabric, I am turning to your assistance.

Thank you so much!

Here is a link that might be useful: fabric link

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If you read the color description on your link, there is no celery green in that fabric. It is khaki. Have you seen the fabric in person?

If not, I would order a swatch and be sure it looks as you think it does. I have a feeling the colors are off in the pix, and what you are going to get is a very neutral black, grey and tan fabric. Khaki can certainly have a green undertone, but it is not going to be celery green. So if that is an important component, just be sure you are getting what you want and expect before committing to lots of yardage.

These two ikats from look like they have your colors:

sheraton Ikat

and this

Damask greystone

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Thanks Les,

My fabric swatch has a really DARK charcoal gray, tan/khaki and a soft green, that I would call celery.

His bedspread is going to be a woven dark charcoal, so looking to pull that some color. We have a relaxing chair for him, that is the soft celery green, the Williamsburg fabric caught my eye because it has both. I thought curtains in this fabric will add some pop.

Thank you,

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Check out this link. It's called onyx instead of ebony, but if you can use the 'indoor/outdoor' version of it, it's $10.98 a yard.

"Description: From Waverly�s Williamsburg Collection this Sun N Shade fabric meets the rugged demands of casual outdoor and indoor living. Printed on durable Teflon-coated polyester fabric, these breathable textiles hold up to 500 hours of sunlight, resists mold, mildew, soil and stains and are easily cleaned. Colors include black, ivory and kiwi."

Here is a link that might be useful: Waverly Sun N Shade Williamsburg Sheraton Ikat Onyx

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My3dogs and I linked the same fabric - maybe it is destiny? LOL

Our fabric is the same one in the link you provided, but both of us linked an indoor-outdoor fabric. I don't see that description in your link. Is it possible that there are two versions?

Our two links have the fabric for around $11.00; that seems dramatically less expensive than yours.

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THAT'S IT!!!!!

You are Super Stars! Thank you for the help.!!!!!

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The fabric that movin-on linked to is 100% cotton.
The other link from Les and My3dogs is 100% poly.
But maybe that will not matter depending on their usage.

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Here's the cotton version, but the price is not much different:

Here is a link that might be useful: Waverly Williamsburg Sheraton Ikat

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Finally had a chance to start calculating the fabric -- THANK YOU Lyban for pointing out the polyester fabric.... that was not was I wanted. My sample is cotton ..... Your post saved me!

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Seems to me that the fabric that clt3 linked to (the cotton one) is priced by the half yard, meaning the online price is a little more than what you found it for locally. (Weird -- never heard of pricing by the half yard before!)

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Before this thread, I never heard of ikat fabric.

It's beautiful stuff! Thanks for the education.

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