Marvin or Eagle Replacement Windows??

reevomalJuly 28, 2007

We are replacing windows in a home (Dallas) built in 1961. We have bids from Marvin and Eagle (Eagle was purchased by Andersen Windows). Does anyone have any advice? The Marvin windows are about 10K more, which we don't mind spending but wonder if the cost is worth it, especially since this is an older home.


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One last point - we are looking at the aluminum clad exterior and the wood interior.....

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We had similar questions 4 year ago looking at Marvin, Andersen, Pella and Milgard. This is just to share what we did.

After some persistent in-depth research, we found that there were differences that were not so obvious to consumers. There was no way to know precisely how these differences could justify the price difference dollar for dollar but it did help our comparisions.

The objective factors we looked at included the coating type on the aluminum, application method, how was the color applied, the way the aluminum was formed (rolled or extruded), thickness of the aluminum, how was aluminum clad attached to the wood, spacer type, standard glass thickness, wood type, whether solid wood was used, DP numbers, any wood screen (casement) to go with the wood, locking mechanism and service experience, how did they keep French door wood stiles straight and true, could doors be adjusted as house settles during the seasons. At the time, we also found that cheaper windows quietly did not include the low-E II option nor the argon gas option. So if we did not know, we would have ordered something without low-E and without the gas.

My suggestion would be to research in-depth Eagle and Marvin, find out everything you can about each, and then compare them. You may find that Eagle offers most or all of what you need and that would be great. You may also find that Marvin differences justify the extra cash in your application, that will be good too.

Good luck!

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calbay, I'm impressed with your research! Do you mind sharing with us which windows you bought?

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Hi Emmachas,
We ended up with Marvin simply because it was able to meet most of our requirements 4 years ago. If our requirements were different then, we might have ended up with Andersen or Pella or Milgard. If we have to buy again today, it will again be based on our requirements, not just on the brand.

Initially, we just wanted to buy the cheapest "good" windows and at that time, Milgard vinyl was the way to go. As we learned more about windows and discovered what was considered by the trade to be "good", we adjusted our requirements accordingly. Some of the "good" were not important to us or way too expensive and unnecessary. Some "goods" were important so our requirement changed accordingly as we studied. In the end, we ended up with Marvin.

It seems things have changed a lot since 4 years ago. There are even more choices now and more comparisons to be made. Competition is always good when everyone improves.

Good luck with your research!

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We did quite a bit of research on windows for our new home and decided upon Eagle. We heard great things about them. I understand they were purchased by Andersen to be a higher end for them? You won't go wrong with either; however, the key is to do a lot of research and determine your priorities as calbay suggested.

Good luck,


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We just got done DIY install with the Marvin Replacement Windows and the are wonderful - we had a tuff time finding a dealer that would give us a contractor price but once we did, everything went very smoothly with our order. We tried one window a year ago and that was a little tuff to install - this time our measurements got better and we got 12 windows in in 5 days and the main problems were getting the storm windows out with old vinyl siding (and not ruining the siding) and cleaning up the wood rot to make sure it stopped/didn't get worse. The windows were amazingly easy to install and look great. We're very happy with the results and spending more on the windows.

Now my big problem is my husband wants to finish the few we didn't do as we thought it would be a big deal to replace them. No question, I'd buy Marvin again, although I'm not sure if we'll go with them in the basement given the $$$.

We looked at Anderson and Pella at Lowes and they just didn't look as nice.

Don't go cheap as from what we have been told, they don't last as long so in the end, it will cost you the same in replacements down the road and don't look nearly as nice.

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We got Eagles for our new breakfast room and are very happy with them. The contractor installed them and liked the so well he's considering them for his own house. Now we're looking at windows for the front of the house and are getting estimates and deciding -- again. ;-(

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we have been researching windows and doors to replace 13yr old Marvin's that were wood exterior coated with their"XL finish". The wood preservative that they used under the "xl" was defective so all our windows have huge areas of rot that can not be repaired therefor the search for new windows. We also are looking at Eagle vs Marvin. We definitely like the Eagle window better. I look at the way the way the windows are finished-all the details. To me the finishing of your product shows me your pride in your product. Eagle looks best to me. $$ is going to be a factor-Marvin IS offering us a discount for our pain and suffering but my heart says go Eagle. We are waiting for both bids now. I would love to know which co. you went with-since your posting was in July .

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we ordered 4 eagle windows for our house - as a contractor I have previously been quite happy with the quality -

3 of the windows came the wrong size - too big -
(they measured and ordered...)

so we just waited 6 weeks
we went to install the windows today -
one is too small...

(eagle did not even bother to expedite our order after their significant screw-up - this was 2 weeks longer than our initial wait for the windows we had ordered -
right - the oh we are so sorry how can we make it better windows took LONGER to get STILL WERE THE WRONG SIZE!!!)

so, ya - they are great windows -
if you want something that fits I would recommend ordering something different - unless your wife is happier living with a hole in hte side of her house than mine has been...
at least it's June not January...

what is says about the factory that they this consistently make major errors is not good.

Apparently eagle quality went down the tubes when Anderson bought them - or something...

gotta go get more plastic for the hole in my house where the window goes...

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Look again at WeatherShield. also alt is:
Look at:
Visions Vinyl/ with WeatherShield, Ask for 366 Glass (zoe-6), Best glass on the market / comes with easy care. Full fin and no jamb extensions. .These will meets and exceeds the Energy star, and Government incentives for rebates.

 Have your installer apply wood jamb extensions on site.
 Making sure they use sealant behind the fin, and weatherproof from the window frame fin to the existing frame work beyond the opening and then insulate with wool between the window frame and window framing from the inside.
Try this link:


Not sure whoÂs site this is


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mtow, interesting you bring up a two year old post to spam weathershield

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Was not meant to be spam, Just window price estimator found on line under WeatherShield> oh well.

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To Jamie, just to inform you Eagle is a window manufacturer, they do not come to your house and produce quotes. The sizes came from who ever was your salesman/contractor or installer. They measured wrong, then had to eat the custom made windows when they came in. Then had to reorder the right size windows. NO WAY would they have come in (expedited) that adds another 30% to the cost and your contractor was not going to eat that. On the Eagle replacement window they are ordered a bit different than a vinyl replacement window, and someone learned a hard lesson. Please don't blame Eagle unless you know what you are talking about. We have been selling them for 30 + years and never had an order problem from Eagles side. Just OUR order sheet......

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DesignWindow, why jump on 4 yr old topic to preach your thoughts?

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The Eagle distributor in my local does indeed install windows,measure and procuce quotes. They Go by the name of " Eagle window of the Twin Cities". They are seperate from Anderson of course which has renamed the window E-series/Eagle windows and doors.Expediting will vary in price and unlikely would add 30% to the cost.

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