Milgard Tuscany Windows from Lowe's

goldieliveJuly 19, 2009


I'm new to this forum, and I need help with buying Milgard Tuscany windows from Lowe's. Last week, I paid Lowe's $35 for its "detail fee" so that Lowe's installer can measure our windows for replacment windows. He did not share his measurements with me and told me that he would turn in his spec sheet to Lowe's and that I would be contacted by the salesperson to finalize my order.

I went back to the store and looked at the purchase order which contained a separate sheet for each window. Then I noticed that the parameters for the windows varied with some having an energy package specified and some not, only one with argon gas and one with obscure glass. I told the salesperson that I wanted all of the windows to have the same 3D Max energy package and clear glass with argon so that they would qualify for the federal energy tax credit. After he made all those corrections, he printed out a final purchase order with the installation charges. Then I noticed that the installation charges were much more than what I had expected.

Lowe's is currently advertising a $99 basic installation fee per window, but I am being charged $79 per window in addition to the $99 per window installation fee plus $54 per window for a drywall cut. He explained that the some of the windows are just a little bit larger than what is allowed for basic installation. OK, but $54 for drywall cut when the installer had told me that he wouldn't even have to cut the drywall? The Lowe's promotion was another factor that contributed to my decision to replace my windows at this time.

At this point, I just wanted to complete the transaction! So, I took the final purchase order up to the special order desk. While the cashier was inputting the order, I noticed that the screen showed the windows to be Milgard Montecito. I know Milgard has a series by that name for new construction so I asked why that name appeared instead of Tuscany. When the cashier checked with the salesperson in windows, he assured her that he had the correct code for the Tuscany series on the order.

OK, so while I was driving home feeling rather anxious about all the questions and mistakes that had to be corrected, I started wondering if the windows are going to fit . . . I had asked for a copy of the installer's spec sheet so that I could verify the installer's measurements when I got home. I am able to confirm his measurements for all of the windows, except for one window that is two inches taller than his measurements! It's a horizontal sliding window that measures 47 1/2" by 47 1/2" but the installer had written down 47 3/8" by 45 3/8" and that is the size the salesperson ordered for that window!

I was told that the order is placed automatically by computer upon purchase. I tried to reach my salesperson but he won't be in until Monday, and no one else can put it on hold until the installer can come back and remeasure.

I'm feeling so overwhelmed by this entire ordeal, that I think I should just wait until the windows are made and see if they all fit?

I'm looking for some input from the knowledgeable windows people here.

Thank you so much for any help, ideas, or support!


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I think that there is far to wrong with this situation for you to feel comfortable so far. You have noted everything that is worth noting and I think you are due some answers. There is no reason that the window should come up as a Monticedo if it is, in fact, a Tuscany. The two are very different profiles.

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Windowsonwashington, thank you. Are you a dealer, distributor, or installer?

I'm hoping that my order has now been corrected. When a person from Inside Sales at Lowe's called me to confirm the order, I told her I was waiting for the contractor to remeasure. She didn't know we had asked our salesperson to put the order on hold. The contractor thanked me profusely when he did return to remeasure because Lowe's did have the wrong window size on the order. He said mistakes like that are at the contractor's expense!
I'm still trying to get an answer on why Lowe's order shows the Montecito series when I'm specifiying Tuscany windows. I looked at Migard's website for a clarification. You are right! They have different profiles, especially around the frames. One of the reasons I chose the Tuscany series is because of the beveled frame that resembles wood. I guess I won't know for sure until the windows are delivered . . .

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