cut a 6-panel solid wood door

per08March 30, 2009

I need a new door for the furnace cabinet. The old door is hollow core and smells. The size is 24X66in.

I couldn't find such a door, even in lumber yard. So I decided to get one by cutting down a standard 80in 6-panel solid wood door. I got it from lowes. I cut down the top two panels (14in), and it looks fine.

Does it affect the integrity of the door? The document on the door says that the top and bottom rail have dowels. Now the top rail is gone, is it still ok?

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If the middle rails, which are now holding the door together, have no dowels then the door will be more fragile. It could be fine if you treat it gently, but it could break if someone really slams it.

You might want to beef up the joints by driving a couple of long screws into the top edge of the door, at an angle, from each end of the new top rail into the adjacent stiles.

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