Windows with White Interior - What do you recommend?

jessraeJuly 2, 2012

I posted this question on the Home Building forum, but thought I'd try here too. I am thoroughly confused on which windows to pick for our new home. We want to have white interior windows with white trim. I've dealt with rotten wood windows in our previous homes. But I haven't heard many good things about vinyl. And then there is fiberglass. Any advice as to which type and brand is our best option?

Our current plans from the builder includes Marvin Integrity windows, but does not include the price to have them all painted (which sounds like will be expensive). I definitely don't want to skimp on the quality of our windows, so any advice would be appreciated!

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Most of the negative information on vinyl come from people who just don't personally like it or from people who wanted to go cheap and bought a low grade vinyl window.

Fiberglass is good to use for windows due to it's durability. Might want to look at composite windows also. Interstate and Okna are worth a look if they are available to you.

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FYI - Integrity does offer a pre-finished white interior. Very good choice.

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Are you looking at wood - ultrex or all - ultrex? I would say that all ultrex makes far more sense with a white interior, although it is not the prettiest thing in the world. It won't hold a candle to the performance of premium vinyl or composite options like the Okna mentioned above.

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Windows on Washington


The Ultrex/Ultrex combination is relatively ugly window as compared to their other windows.

The Ultrex/Wood interior combination is much prettier.

Figure out what you need the windows to look like and work back from there.

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I was considering the All Ultrex, but I'll cross if off my list now! Thanks!

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Windows on Washington

If you want the all fiberglass version, take a look at the Infinity in new construction.

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it is very nice combination

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I would second having any window pre-finished at the factory.I have seen painters/homeowners screw them up to many times to count plus it is hard to beat the quality .

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I'm pretty sure Andersen will prefinish the interior of their 400 series. It's almost white!

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