I need some help with my living room

Mommy4LifeAugust 21, 2012

I have so many suggestions from others but I'm looking for some help with my living room. I'm going to keep the leather furniture, tables, and lamps.

I also need to keep the cream roman shades on the windows.

So, here's what I'm looking for...

Some pillows that add some sort of color to the room. Change out the panels on the window to add color as well. I would love to paint but the living room flows into the kitchen and dining room because it is all open concept.

Thoughts? Pattern suggestions?

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Another view from the entry toward the open concept...fireplace, dining room, kitchen.

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Lighter colored panels that go across the whole window would help brighten up the room. Not sure of the color though.

I love your lamps but don't like how they all match. Can you switch them out with lamps in other rooms?

I can't really see what's on your beautiful coffee table, but what about a large tray that won't blend in with the stain?

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Any chance of changing the floor so it could accommodate an area rug to bring in some texture and color? How about painting the coffee table? Would it be possible to remove some of the added wood decor on the table before painting it? Can you change the curtain rod's when you change the curtain panels? Before you think of color I would try to remove some of the heaviness.

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This is probably not practical for you, but IMO what would look GREAT would be a patterned wallpaper or fabric walls. That would bring in all the pattern you need, and be very chic. Even trendy, at the moment, (I guess that's redundant, isn't it?)

I would remove the stubby curtain rods, and try the roman shades alone. I think the roman shades are interesting as they are.

And as Oakley commented, I'd mix up the lamps, as they seem to consistent for the room. It looks like you may need more lighting than you have?

A really large mirror or artwork over the fireplace could add some interest. And assuming you nix the wallpaper idea, a large area rug on top of the carpet could add some pattern and color.

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I agree with mjlb regarding a large tall piece of art over the fireplace. Perhaps a lighter one with color so it pops out at you.

I would add a nice lighter colorful rug to anchor the furniture as well. I would also add some lighter in color curtain that have a pattern with some color.

Good luck!!!

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I would also put a large piece of art over the mantle. I would get rid of the dark panels on the window and use only the Roman shades. I am not a fan of the look of small panels with short rods. If you feel the need to keep them, could you at least use a full length rod over the window and eventually hang real draperies there?

I also think changing the lamps will help. I think you need to lighten the look a little because what you have now is all dark and very heavy: furniture, accessories, panels, rods, floors.

If you get rid of the panels and rods, add some other cream touches like pillows and a rug with a cream background and a couple other light colors in it. Add some light accessories on the coffee table. Fresh flowers work wonders in any space and are available at your grocery store for less than $10 a bunch. Lilies are lovely and you can just drop three stems in a vase for a pretty, loose, light bouquet.

I think you can easily make this a pretty room with just a few little changes.

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I think paint would make the biggest impact. What colors do you like?

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Lots of light colors (ivory, golds, greens, pale blues)in pillows, drapes, a pretty throw. Those look like nice drapes - can you use them somewhere else? If you are keeping the carpet, perhaps an area rug over the carpet - it's done all the time. The dark table would show up nicer on a lighter, colorful rug. Lighter objects on your table that will show up.

I don't think I would like the roman shades alone - with all the wood and leather, I think you need some fabric.

A substantial piece of colorful art over the fireplace with perhaps some pottery - something that shows up.

I like your lamps :), but I have a tendency to be matchy, matchy.

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Here is a pic with similar color furniture...don't know if you'd be up for painting your coffee table or getting a lighter one, but I think some contrast would be good. They've used lighter draperies with a similar wall color, a mirror top on the coffee table and a mirror on the wall to bring in some light and sparkle. It is still a very neutral color room, but is not dark and heavy.

Eclectic Living Room design

Here is one with blue used in the rug and draperies to soften the browns

and another using greens and oranges in pillows and throw for more vibrant colors and with a colorful rug, too.

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Oly - Like your suggestions! #1 and #3 especially (#2 too bland for me). As you said, #1 is very neutral (hence the red tulips for the photo), and #3 is more free-wheeling in its pattern and color.

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Another neutral room - with just lamp shades and pillows adding color. I also think those drapes and curtain rod would look nice with your roman shades -- would expand the whole window area since the tones are similar. And maybe limit the wallpaper just to the fireplace, or use framed wallpaper as inexpensive art.

Here is a link that might be useful: link to Houzz

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