Normal to have scratches, gouges, etc on new window install

titan7July 27, 2010

So I have 4 new (nail fin) vinyl windows installed and an new anderson sliding door. I they did not re-stucco yet as I am waiting for framing inspection. Well I decide to clean off the windows and gobs of caulking everywhere and discover damage on every window. These are huge holes but there are small dents, and gouges in the frames on seveal windows and the are lots of hairline scratches in a couple of the glass panels.

The Anderson door handle was installed 1/8"-3/16" to the right of the lock mech, above it. the holes were drilled in the wrong place from anderson. I have some scratches on the frames of the anderson door in one place the scratches go down to the black undercoat.

So I sent pictures to the contactor and I am waiting for a response. Now I can deal with a small scuff but some of these are noticable from 3 feet away.

This will completely screw up my timeline on the other trades, what a nightmare.

couple of examples:

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So what is your question? Or are you just venting.

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I am trying to get some opinions from other home owners as to whether I am being too picky about complaining about this. I don't see understand how you take a new window and cause damage to it during the installation.

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I would not find that damage acceptable. I would either ask the dealer to re-order them or I would expect some type of reasonable discount.

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Ok then, I agree with skydawggy

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