Dresser - top is really gouged - steps?

SheeshareeIIMarch 21, 2012

We bought this dresser really cheap to use in our nursery. It's very solid and sturdy but the top is pretty beat up. It looks like someone turned it upside down and pulled it across the ground. 'Texture' really isn't even the word for it.

I'd like to paint the whole thing red. What steps (including sandpaper grits) would I need to achieve that?

I was thinking sand the top the best I could starting with 80 grit (?) paper and working down to something fine. Not sure what kind to use.

Even after I do that, I'm assuming I'm going to need to use a wood filler. ? I don't have any experience with that really so I'm open to suggestions there too.

Then I figured clean and prime with Zinsser 123 and give it two coats with BM paint.

Thanks in advance!


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If you are going to paint it is easier to make a repair to the surface.

You should try some sanding to smooth it out without going excessively deep.

Even it the top is veneer it does not matter if you sand through trying to flatten the surface.

You can then use Minwax High performance Wood filler (NOT the 'plastic wood' type stuff) to fill ay large gouges remaining.
The filer does not stick well to finished wood, but does stick very well to bare wood.
A plastic putty knife (or even old credit cards) are excellent for smoothing the filler out.

It can then be sanded to a flat surface.

Mae sure the surface is smooth and flat before priming.
Paint dos NOT hide surface defects.

Another layer of filler can be used for any remaining defects.

Prime and paint.

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Just this to add to the above:

Use BIN(made by Zinsser) instead of 123---it is better for interior applications.

And use gloss paint---makes cleaning much easier.

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Brickeyee - Any sandpaper recommendations?
Thanks for the wood filler info!

Handymac - Sounds good. I believe I still have some BIN left over from another project. Thanks!

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"Any sandpaper recommendations? "

Take it out to at least 220 or better for painting.

Garnet paper is fine.

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Wow, someone did drag that across a gravel drive or something. I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I have found that filler sticks to the rough grooves better than the smooth ones, so I'd probably fill first, then sand.

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Filler sticks will cause a lot of problems getting a new finish to adhere.

Most 'filler sticks' are colored wax.

It never hardens, and almost nothing can stick to it.

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Not filler sticks (noun), filler sticks (verb). Filler will stick to rough grooves better than filler will stick to smoother grooves.

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The correct filler does not need roughness to stick.

It adheres at a molecular level.

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Never thought I would say this.....but I might consider a formica top....given that it will be used in a nursery.
Good looking dresser, but for the top!
Linda C

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Thanks everyone!

I'm headed out today to pick up some stuff. We plan to start working on it this weekend. I'll be back with updates.

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