6 panel door from a solid slab?

scottmanFebruary 2, 2007

Hi everyone, My problem is that I want a 6 panel looking door in our bonus room. The doors have to be 24x32", and I need six of them. My original idea was to cut down a solid 6 panel door slab so I could get two 32" doors from a 80" slab, but when I started measuring the door I cant get two doors that would look even. So I was wondering if anyone had ever tried making a panel door from a solid flush door? I know it probably sounds nuts, But that would be the only way I could get two doors from one 80" door, And have a panel look. Any special router bits like that? Other than buying 6 solid doors and cutting them down to 32" , even then I would only get 2 panels per door. I would like to have the top two smaller panels and then the lower two panels that are longer , so at least I could have a 4 panel door. Any Ideas?


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I think you're entirely on the wrong track when you're thinking in terms of cutting down pre-fab person-sized doors. Most likely, you'd just end up with a pile of expensive kindling. If you want doors that are 24" x 32", then you can either buy doors that size (from a kitchen cabinet part provider, perhaps) or build them from scratch.

Can you say more about what these are to be used for? Are you saying that you want six doors, and that each door measures 24" by 32" and has four or six panels? My brain is a bit knotted up by all of this.

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Sorry for the confusion. These doors are for storage areas in my bonus room. I have a short 4 foot knee wall down both sides of the room and there are three doors per wall. The door openings are 24x32". I want to match the look of these doors with the 6 panel doors in the rest of the house. I know I cannot buy a 6 panel door that short, but I was hoping to get something close. I want to use a solid core door for the insulating factor because behind the knee walls is the attic and although it is insulated it is still chilly back there. I hope this helps some, I am out of ideas!


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Personally I think I'd let go of the paneled door idea and just make them inconspicuous slabs to blend in with the surrounding walls. If you want doors with several panels, I don't know how you'd get there without having them custom-made. Whatever sort of door you choose you could increase the r-value by attatching a sheet of foam insulation to the back of them, but the surface area is so small that I don't think heat loss through the doors themselves would be such a big deal. I'd worry more about weatherstripping around the edges to prevent drafts.

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Are the existing doors raised or flat panel? It would be pretty tricky to replicate a raised panel door on a slab. However, for a flat panel, there are plunge style router bits that could form the decorative edge of the panel, and then you would have to use a flat bottomed bit to remove the waste and create the flat panel area.

Could you post a picture of the existing doors that you would like to match?

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Magnumv8, the fact that it's possible to machine a chunk of material have the same surface contours as a frame and panel door doesn't mean that you end up with a frame and panel door. Doing that sort of thing might enhance the appearance, but only at the cost of destroying the door's structural integrity.

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Removing a reasonable amount of material from a solid wood slab (faux panels, for instance) does not affect the integrity of the existing wood. I am not talking about removing the majority of the material.

You've confused me. What kind of slab are we talking about? The thread's title mentions "solid slab." As a woodworker, when I hear solid, I think solid wood.

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I see where you're coming from. The slabs I was thinking of were the solid-core passage doors mentioned in the original post, which are not solid wood slabs in the way that "slab" cabinet doors sometimes are.

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Yes, I was talking about using a solid wood slab ( not predrilled ) flush interior door, and creating the look of a panel door. This sounds like it would be difficult to do, and myself being a mechanic and not a carpenter my woodworking tools ( and skills ) are limited. I was hoping there was a router bit or something that would replicate the look of a panel door, but it sounds like I may have to use flush doors. I dont have any pictures of the doors because there isnt any doors there now. I just wanted to match the look of the 6 panel doors in the rest of the house. So anybody have a guess how much it would cost to have six 24x32" paneled doors custom made? Probably dont want to know.

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A soor 24 X 32 with 6 panels would mean each panel would be about 6" x 5". If you want to match existing doors, measure up the 32" and you will find you have 2 to 4 panels in that height.. You can order cabinet doors made to order. 6 panel would be about $125 to $150 each depending on where your located.
Waltzcraft.com makes custom doors, not sure a non-professional can order them, but you can see door styles there.

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I have a similar idea. You may have this project done by now but here is my thought...I was thinking of attaching half round molding strips in the design like the 6 panel existing door an then painting it out. OR maybe some thin luan (sp?) with molding around that to add depth and then paint. I have also seen panel's faux painted on.

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I suppose i was too late as well but i had the same idea as
flsusanc, you can do some cool stuff with molding, i might coat it with something like polyshades to give it an interesting look as well, i wouldnt mind seeing pictures of what you did (if youve done it already) as im curiouis to see what approach you took

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