Velux Skylights condensation

sduck2July 30, 2008

I replaced 2 old Anderson skylights due to broken seals in the glass. Thanks to the information here, I had 2 new Velux replacement skylights installed and paid a million dollars (OK, over 2,500.00).

Instead of a manual crank, they gave me an odd shape thing which I'm assuming should be used with a wand to open. It's a 1 1/2 story house so the skylight crank is in front of my nose, not up high. I also woke this morning to condensation on both windows, in 2 different rooms. It was warm out (80ish) and I had the A/C going inside (72ish). I thought Velux bragged about no condensation forming on their windows. Any idea what the problem is and should I ask the installer to install the cranks?

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It happened again this morning and I removed the screen and wiped the glass with a kleenex. It's on the outside and called "dew". :)

For the record, I don't hear my loud neighbors anymore with the new skylights. All OK with Velux!!

I'll order the cranks myself.

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sduck, may I ask an OT question: I just got openable Velux skylights as well, and I'm concerned about the fit onto the opening. Would you by any chance be able to take a pic of the way yours are mounted? Are they curb-mount, by any chance? I've been posting on the remodeling forum about the skylights (I believe the thread starts with the word "dagnabit" :)) if you want to see what ours look like.

Thanks in advance.

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