Quality Cherry Veneer Furniture/Cabinet grade Plywood Source?

katy-louFebruary 20, 2013

Can anyone recommend a supplier
For cherry veneer core (no MDF) plywood? Looking for material for our new
Kitchen cabinets. Thanks!

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Your cabinetmaker doesn't have a supplier? Or are you building your own cabinets?

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Cabinet maker is having a hard time finding non MDF core in Colorado - asking him to look outside state and order material in. Also just found some online places for curly cherry for the doors. Oh my gorgeous! Would love recommendations for better folks to buy from

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He may well run onto problems with the order size.

The lumberyard does not want to get stuck with a partial load of high end product it cannot sell, so they often demand you purchase the whole pallet of material.

That turns onto a large investment in high grade veneer cherry.

High grade sheets go for hundreds of dollars EACH.

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Have you tried Google? Here's one place that appears to sell it coloradowoodworkers.com, Here's another longmonthardwood.com.

These were on the first page of hits from searching "hardwood plywood colorado", I'm sure there are more.

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There are vendors here who would normally have just are out (only mdf core material in stock now). And no new material coming for a month or more.

Brickeye, are we missing something? We've been seeing pricing at about a hundred or so per sheet G2S, A1 grade. Haven't been able to find anyone selling AA

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AA graded plywood (meaning both sides have the very best veneers) is going to be hard to find and likely rather expensive. A1 grade should be sufficient for most kitchen cabinetry.

Obviously the stuff is out there and you're going to have to pay the freight charge.

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Sorry to hear that. They had some very nice material at Boulter Plywood in Somerville, MA a couple of weeks ago, but I do't imagine you want to pay for shipping. You might give the a call though, they are very helpful and might help you find a source.

I think AA is a special order product, I've never seen any. A1 is the best grade in stock material as far as I know. The 1 side is perfectly useable as a show face, it may be plain if the best side is curly, but will have only a few extremely minor defects. Mostly here we see A2, and the 2 side is also completely useable as a show face.

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Thanks! We are willing to pay the freight - just want to get the material here so they can start!

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FWIW for others also looking - we ordered from CR Lumber in OH. Expecting to see it on Monday.

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Allied Plywood in Buckeystown MD.

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