Best Finish over Oil Based Stain

logies101February 7, 2013

I stained my table with Early American by Minwax, both the top and underneath. I used minwax polyurethane in satin as a top coat but only underneath the table so far. I read that you should treat both sides the same to deter moisture issues. It darkened the color and was too shiny for my liking. Is there any type of finish I can use on the top that won't darken it and also not be so shiny? Another question, can Polyacrylic be used instead of polyurethane?

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Polyacrylic can be used, it is a water based polyurethane. Being waterbased it should not darken the finish.

Generally Satin finish does not have much of a shine, I have used it on my interior trim and it has a very slight sheen. Have you tried to reduce the sheen by rubbing with steel wool?

Rustoleum makes a Matte waterbased Polyurethane, link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rustoleum finish link

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Assuming you're using clear poly, generally oil based poly will bring out the wood color somewhat which is the opposite of what you seem to have observed. The finish will yellow over time but I doubt you would have observed this in a short period of time.
I'm not sure what you consider shiny. Satin oil poly is not shiny but if it's too shiny for your taste there are duller oil based finishes. It's important to stir the poly thoroughly because the flatting agent settles to the bottom. You can also pour some of the poly off the top before stirring to get a duller result.
I like the oil finish since it's tough, easy to use and dries slowly allowing time to apply uniformly. The downside is that the longer drying time can allow time for dust to settle in the finish.

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