Finding the perfect color glass *ugh*

toomuchglassAugust 24, 2012

Don't ya hate that ? I have "toomuchglass" ... heheh

I feel like I have every color glass I'll ever need .... But one. I know alot of people that use ribbon and do sewing . It's like Murphy's law .. you have every color but the one you need ~ LOL

I make alot of things that could use an opaque grey with lightly swirled black. There is no such animal. I've even been experimenting with painting and baking my own custom colored glass. I'm working on the Harley mosaic & I'm just stuck trying to figure out how to make "gravel" color.

Have you ever needed a color glass that just doesn't exist ? What did you do ?

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Too, I like grey glass too. The people at one of my favorite haunts, Bedrock Industries, told me it's just not a popular color.

I looked at Spectrum glass and found something that may be of interest - hope it helps. Susan

Here is a link that might be useful: Spectrum glass

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Hi toomuchglass, how about substituting something besides glass for the gravel, perhaps even real gravel?
I just finished working on a frame I'll be using on a mirror. I used all sorts of jewelry pieces on it as well as spoons, and varies knick knack keepsake items that I had and it got me to thinking of all the possibilities for mosaicing.

This past weekend I went to a flea market and bought anything that I could find that were in bunches. For example, one person had a pile of radio knobs.... think outside the box, it'll add interest to your piece!

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you can find black aquarium gravel on ebay.

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I'll try that on my next project . I don't want to experiment on a custom order , but it sounds like it might turn out.

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