My Studio is almost finished!

smickerdoodleAugust 24, 2009

I was so inspired by Klinger with her pictures of the outside of her studio! I decided to remodel mine to make it work better for me as well as dress it up and make it more inspiring to work in. The whole remodel cost me about $100.

The center work table is my old layout table. The work tables on the left and right walls are made from the old storage shelves that were in there. Above the left work table I have a cabinet that I used an old window frame as the door. There is an old kitchen cabinet hung above that. Next to it are a couple of cabinets that were built out of wood from my old craft booth. Next to that work table there is a old pantry cabinet that is now housing my tv and sterio as well as my projector and other glass items. On the back wall there is an old filing cabinet that that holds a bunch of art supplies. Next to that there is a potting bench that I built out of an old waterbed frame and headboard. It holds my grinder and some other supplies. Eventually I plan to install a sink there and add a water supply and drain. Above the bench all along the wall there are shadow boxes made from drawers from an old dresser that I turned into a storage cabinet for my cement molds and kiln shelves, as well as my larger kiln molds. This cabinet stands along the right wall. Next to it there is another work bench made from the old storage shelves. Under this cabinet is my glass storage. On this cabinet there is a cabinet that holds my frit and small kiln molds. Next to it there is another cabinet with an old livingroom window for the door. Those will look a lot better once I get the stained glass panels made for them. On the front wall there is another old filing cabinet that has been painted white. On the floor on the other side there are a couple of crates that have been painted and hold my gardening magazines. Above the door and windows I have used old leuvered doors as shelves. On it I have some old planter baskets that have been painted white. They hold some small glass projects in progress. The shelves also hold a bunch of magazine holders that were made from scraps of paneling and more wood from my old craft booth. These hold my pattern books and glass magazines. The metal stars on the walls were Christmas ornaments that had originally had Santa painted on them. I spray painted them black. The paneling on the walls is some that I bought several years ago for $17 for 10 sheets and a few more sheets that my mom had stored in her barn.

I hope you all like what you see.


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Alll I can say is "WOW" you have really made use of everything and then some. What a lot of unique ideas, love the shelves and shadowboxes. Where is your kiln? I didn't see it. I looked some more at your other pics in your album. Quite impressive. A nice and inspiring place to work.

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Hey!!! You know what? Klinger has that same metal star on her wall!!!!! How amazing!!! Love the fairy lights in the gauzy material! And usually a lady doesn't lift her skirt but I am glad you did!!! Love all the magazine storage...would be a blast sitting there snooping thru you mags I bet! Klinger is just getting her shelving built as we speak, so hopefully she sees your studio and gleams some great ideas!!! WhooHoo! You did it!!! Now when do we plan on a get together at your studio!!! Then onto the next one...hmmm, Flag? Slow? NT?Calamity? Klinger...on and on....

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WOW, sounds great! Congratulations!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Flagtruck- Right now my kiln is in my basement. I didn't heat the studio all winter last year. I only had it heated when I was out there working. I plan to try to keep it heated this year since I have the insulation in it, but I want to wait to see how cold it gets in there first and make sure I can keep the temp consistant. I am afraid if it gets too cold the kiln would crack. If it stays warm enough I will put it out there later.

I'm glad you all like what you see. I hope that I am as inspirational in my ideas as klinger has been for me. If it weren't for her pics and Flagtrucks pics I don't think I would have done the remodel this summer. Thank you for getting me moving. Now I can't wait to get back out there to work on glass and mosaics.

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Micki, I think you have done yourself proud. I do wish I had a room I could do this with. Anyway it looks like you have it organized and ready to get to creating. Great looking craft room.


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Wow, you've done so much and it just looks great. I'm, still a wip with my studio, it is going way to slowly , but I am hoping to be ready to move in in a couple of weeks. Jane's right I do have the same star as you, I have it hung on the outside of my studio. I'm sure you'll enjoy working in their more now that you've done so much with it. Jeepers you have a lot of stamps too.

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It's official, I'm green.

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