Contemporary Wood Ceiling Material Options

hydrangea_2008February 3, 2009

We are sold on a contemporary wooden ceiling for our home. We love the clean look - seen it in homes, in public libraries, etc. Nothing with knots - something simple with a stain (like a maple). No laminates though (we've looked at the Armstrong ceiling panels and dont like it). At portions, the ceiling is lower - so we do need a wood veneer at least - as otherwise it will look like plastic.

Unfortunately none of the contractors/carpenters I've contacted seem to have a clue about any prefinished wood veneer ceiling material options. Their suggestions (to themselves sand and stain - is not financially feasible for us).

Can somebody here please help me with any particular brand/product suggestions. Any idea on what price per square foot we're looking at, would help too.

We need to make a call soon.

Thanks a ton!

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You probably are thinking about clear vertical grain douglas fir. That is expensive wood, over $5 per board foot. It would still have to be sanded, (stained) and finished, and you say that is financially unfeasible. I suggest you look at pre-finished wood flooring and install them to the ceiling. Shouldn't really cost much more to nail them up rather than down. Don't look at any floating floors. (I don't think they will actually float) Look at nail down flooring, i.e. tongue and groove planks.

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I've seen a couple of places advertising pre-finished tongue and groove panels for ceilings. They look pretty nice and i'm sure it'll be cheaper than finishing on-site.

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