Deft waterborne acrylic

MariposaTraicioneraFebruary 22, 2011

Hi, I am new to this board, but thought this would be the best place to post a question concerning the finish of some furniture.

The wood type is Peruvian walnut, and the question is whether Deft acrylic finish is a good stain (finish).

I have no idea about these things, and not too sure why the carpenter wants to use this product. Are there other brands that might be better? Advice would be appreciated.


Here is a link that might be useful: Deft

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I use a lot of waterborne acrylic, just not this one.

As a class they are fine products and have come a long way since generation 1 about 20 years ago.

Advantages are:
- Low odor
- Fast drying
- Hard, clear finish
- Easy and safe to spray
- Less environmental regulations for the application. I know one custom furniture maker that uses acrylics so that he does not have a lot of environmental and safety regulations and licensing at his shop.

- Not as solvent resistant as some of the oil-based products, but close. Also more affected by alkaline such as Windex (not that you would be using it on your furniture.)

- Many acrylics have a crystal clear, almost blueish cool cast. For faux finishing or light woods this is fine, but they tend to look cold on warmer woods (like walnut and cherry). This is easily resolved by putting on a coat or two of shellac (I use blonde shellac a la Zinsser SeatCoat) prior to the acrylic to warm up the tones and add a little amber that we're used to seeing.

- They are more temperature sensitive until cured. They really need 65 degrees or more during application and for several weeks after. Other finishes work well in colder conditions (but that should not be your concern, but the finisher's)

Here is a link that might be useful: water based finishes

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Thanks. Sorry for not getting back. He did go ahead and use the Deft from Lowes, but is now telling my mother that she can use Pledge to keep the table clean. Not sure how these two go together? Bad idea?

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Pledge is almost always a bad idea.

It contains silicone that will contaminate the surface making repairs very difficult.

Try Guardsman.

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Thank you! I am glad that I didn't get the Pledge. He has mentioned something about a Pledge product that was supposed to be good for fine furniture? It's more that he did not apply the Deft properly in all areas and said to rub the Pledge in to even out spots? Somehow that didn't sound right.

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