cait1August 10, 2008

Hi everybody!! Yup, it's winter in Oz and I've been AWOL from this forum. lol Busy doing house projects that I'll show ya'll when they're complete (on the conversations side, of course - no mosaicing yet)

There's a gardening show here called Gardening Australia and they had a segment of this lady's house and garden and some of the stuff she did is right up this joint's alley! I had posted this on the GJ forum, too, cuz she's also a sculptor.

Anyway, I'm just waiting for Spring so I can get back to my mosaicing my bench!! The hyacinths are blooming so it can't be too far away - except that snow fell in the mountains around my town yesterday which kinda ruined my desire for warmer weather! HA!



Here is a link that might be useful: Tickletank

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WOW! She literally went up the wall. Love it, thanks Cait

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Wow, while her gardens are absolutely amazing, I can't get over the fact that she turned a water tank into a house! Thanks for sharing this link.

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That is so cool! Thanks for sharing that!

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Oh RATS - I STILL don't have a sound card in my computer, but the pictures were amazing. Good to see you CAIT - been thinking of you, wondering if you're mosaicing inside. I KNOW how anxious you are for spring. We're anxious for fall.

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Thanks for the link!
Come on spring down under!

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Wow! I what a comforting place she has made. I was so bummed when the video ended! It sure left me wanting to see more, and wanting to move in there!

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Hi, and welcome back! And THANK YOU for sending that WONDERFUL Tickletank! WOW, it's just wonderful.

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Hi Cait, glad you're back. thanks for sending that really cool amazing garden link. What a place!! How far away is she from you?? Sure would be a great place to visit on a vacation.

I absolutely love everything she did. that is my idea of a beautiful peaceful space to spend time in. WOW. i'm going back and check it out again.

How is your bench coming?? Hint hint.. soon it will be spring

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Hey Cait!! Good to hear from you!!! LOVE this Lady's garden/home!!! I've been really exploring cobbing lately and this is right up my alley too! Recycle!!! Reuse!!! Reinvent!!! I just got home from cooking at a bible camp and am exhausted and this was a great way to get back to everyone...some great eye candy!!! Jane

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Well it's about TIME you got back in here CALAM. Been wondering what happened when I looked on the calendar a few days back to see you'd been gone the two weeks and MORE. Get busy - been missing your postings.

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Ya'll are so wonderful!! Wish I had something mosaiced to show you... should be warm enough to get back outside in mid September... fingers crossed.

Irene lives about 8/9 hours from me. Her garden is part of the Australian Open Garden Scheme and it will be open the beginning of October. Maybe we'll go. I think it would be a lot of fun.

I found this about the house: "In 1998, Irene Stone Pearce purchased a 50,000 gallon concrete tank on 450 square metres of land. The tank was built in 1944 as water storage for the old town of Tinkleton. It is10 metres (33') across and almost 4m (12') tall. When Irene first saw it, she climbed down the old rusty stairs, jumped in and had a swim in the beautiful, clean water. She had already decided to make it her home.

Getting started

Irene and a few friends spent several days siphoning and bucketing the water from the bottom of the tank. Irene then hired an excavator to remove 20 truckloads of soil, as three quarters of the tank was buried underground.

The main tank became the kitchen, dining and family room. Three additional tanks (3,000 and 5,000 gallon) were purchased and lowered into position by cranes. They were transformed into a bathroom, laundry and a small room for Irene's grandchildren. A concrete cutting contractor was hired to cut holes for the doors and windows.

Once the skeletal structure of Irene's home was complete, she set up camp outside. She designed, landscaped and did all the physical work on the house and garden on a very low budget. In October 1998 Irene moved in, nine months after purchasing the property. She decided to call her home Tickle Tank because everyone is 'tickled pink' when they visit."

I'd love to see inside her house. Really cool idea she had and it didn't cost much at all. So you get an idea of how big the land is, 450 sq meters is roughly a plot of land 50 feet by 100 feet. Not very big but enough to create something fabulous on.

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