Which glass grinder

Mags438August 6, 2014

Hi all, I'm looking to replace some of my 18 yr old glass equipment. I had a mid-range inland grinder that needs replacement. I've narrowed it down to the glastar all star g8 or the inland wizard IV.

I've been away from stained glass for a few years. Which one would you purchase? Any particular reason why? Thanks

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I've had my little cheap inland grinder and it's going on 20 years of beating it to death and it still works like new ! I've probably ground over 5,000 pieces when I did shows,mosaics and wholesaled my glass stuff. I used it so much,I have a foot pedal hooked up (like a sewing machine) so I don't have to keep turning it off and on. I'd buy another one in a heartbeat !

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Thanks for ur response toomuchglass. My old inland grinder is being replaced. I've narrowed my choices down to wizard iv or glastar's all star. Any thoughts on either of these? It seems the wizard is MIA at most web sites, so it may be the all star by default.

The foot pedal sounds interesting. Does it require it's own outlet or can it 'piggy back' off the grinder power cord? Thanks

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I haven't heard any bad things about the grinders your considering - so I suppose that's good ! My foot pedal has a cord that that plugs right into the wall socket. On top of that same plug is a place to plug the grinder cord into. So you have 2 cords going into one electric plug. That foot pedal is a life saver instead of turning it on and off all the time !

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Toomuchglass, I'll have to put the foot pedal on my list for future purchase. (I have a limited number of outlets in my glass space). My old inland grinder would shock me when turning on/off, so I'm going to upgrade now.

It does feel good to talk about glass to like-minded folks; not everyone can relate. :-). I've spent way too long @ the kitchen forums :-), so it's good to get back to other things I used to enjoy. Thanks much.

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We can gab glass forever to each other ...LOL Welcome !

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I'm happy with my Glastar Superstar II.

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@toomuchglass: how long is the foot pedal cord that you use with grinder? I think it's calling my name! :-)

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