GFCI breaker installation

fabnavigatorFebruary 28, 2013

I want to replace two 20A breakers with GFCI breakers. The problem is that they are on the right-hand side of the panel, but the ground bus is on the left-hand side. Any ideas how to get the curly white wire over to the left-hand ground bus?



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Splice it and extend it over to the NEUTRAL bar with a piece of the same sized wire.

You did mean NEUTRAL bar, didn't you?

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My box only has a single bar on the left-hand side with all of the ground and neutral wires going into it.

Would I just splice it with a wire nut?

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Ron Natalie

Yes a wire nut is fine.

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Make sure you find the neutral for that circuit on the bar and move it to the breaker neutral terminal.

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