NT or Four Seasons Windows?

sharonm45July 30, 2010

Anyone familiar with either NT windows or Four Seasons windows? We are in Houston and currently have the original windows -- single pain, non-treated, metal frame -- from 1954. As you can imagine, our electric bills are ridiculous. There are so many companies I find myself become more and more confused. We are also having our kitchen remodeled and one company bidding that uses NT. Someone who sells Gorell comes today. *sigh* Someone just tell me what to do at this point, and I will. =)

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I don't dare tell you what to do, but when I was deciding between Gorell and Schuco windows four years ago, I was pretty favorably impressed with Gorell. However, I went with the Schuco for a small advantage in energy efficiency.

Do you have any other data points for comparison between the windows--U values, prices, etc?

Really--ANY decent quality, double pane vinyl window is going to be a huge improvement over what you have for energy.

We got triple-pane argon-filled to help keep out the cold, and apart from one window that has a leaking problem because it isn't seated correctly (I think that might be the problem at least), I've been pretty pleased. There might be other considerations for security or soundproofing.

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NT makes a fairly good window. I'd avoid the Four Seasons product - overpriced and very average.

Soft-lite and Sunrise are other good options.

Gorell is ok, nothing special.

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I will say it because he would never self promote.

The guy you need to talk to is right above me. Ultra Windows is your best resource for Houston window replacement.

Randy has the skills, knowledge, and best products in your area. He is one of 3 people that I recommend across the country and I say that without hesitation.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ultra Windows

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