What is acceptable deposit amount for window order?

gd2gardenJuly 30, 2014

We're very close to placing an order for custom sized Milgard windows with a local window dealer. I'm just curious as to what others consider acceptable for a deposit amount. One of the vendors is asking for 75% of the material cost as a deposit. Obviously, the material or window cost is the majority of the order so this doesn't leave much to pay after receipt of the windows. I cannot recall anything we have ever custom ordered where we had to place this high of a deposit. I'd be curious to know what some of the window experts on here think. Thanks!

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When I placed my order for Marvin windows at a building materials store I paid 50%.

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50% for materials

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Because windows are custom manufactured it's not unusual at all for a contractor to require a sizable deposit. Around here, 50% down with the remaining 50% due upon completion is the norm.

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Purchase only 50% down balance on delivery.

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If he is going to steal 75% , im sure he would steal 30 or 50% as well.
No one in his right mind would order custom windows without a substantial deposit.

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Box stored are payed in full upfront.

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Excellent point by Todd, and this is not inconsistent on many custom-ordered items whether they are building materials or not. Many require full payment upfront, with the minimum (and often the norm) being 50%.

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