O.T.R. Microwave

kimberwarriorFebruary 12, 2010

Hey everybody, thanks for taking the time to read this. Since finding out that an Over the range microwave requires its own breaker, I checked my breakers and found that the hood that is currently over the stove is on a 20 amp line along with 1 outlet located above the countertop. So I am wondering if it would be legal for insurance purposes, God forbid the house burn down, and would also be up to code if I disconnected the outlet (and put in place a decorative cover) and only left the hood on the circuit so that I could wire in an outlet in the upper cabinet for the microwave once the hood is removed. Thanks

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What do you mean for "insurance purposes"?
Even if you screw something up and burn your house down they still pay. They just cancel you after. As long as you didn't do it on purpose.

- Having a hood on with a counter circuit is a violation.
- Having the micro/hood on with a counter receptacle is a violation and NOT a good idea.
- Removing a counter receptacle and using the circuit for the hood would create a different violation, and is NOT a good idea.

Do the right thing and run a new circuit for the micro.

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Alright, thanks petey. I wasnt for sure. I'm going to get an electrician to come out and do it for me. I want to try and keep everything to code. Thanks a bunch.

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