Home Craftsman Windows

truth75July 15, 2009

Does anyone have any information on these windows? It looks like they are out of Dallas, TX, and I cannot find much information on them on the Internet. Are they superior to Simonton windows? If not, what are the issues with them.

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Simonton is a National Brand, if your having trouble finding info about Home Craftsman it may be because they are (A) either manufactured by someone else or (B) a small local company. I would doubt they are better than Simonton but i don't know for certain but Simonton is definitely a leading manufacturer

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Although I don't have any first hand experience with Home Craftsman, my understanding is they are a low end window that uses a "pocket sill" which should be enough to disqualify them from consideration. Additionally, the welds are supposed to be done poorly and the vinyl is very thin.

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Home Craftsman Windows use Cardinal Glass Industries IG Units and LoE Glass. Both products are considered in the industry the best you can get for performance and longevity. You are getting the same dual pane insulating glass unit as Pella, Andersen, Marvin, Kolbe when you buy Home Craftsman Windows. The IG units for the windows come from the worlds best insulating glass company Cardinal IG.

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Cardinal Glass makes outstanding products; Home Craftsman, not so much. There are far better options for Texas homeowners, like Sunrise, Simonton, NT, or Don Young.

Since you like the Home Craftsman window so much, perhaps you could post up the AAMA test report on the window for everyone to see.

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I can't comment on the quality of the window itself having no experience with it, however there are really only a handful of glass companies out there that the vast majority of the window manufacturers use. Thus, there are plenty of products out there that fail miserably despite the fact that they have a good glass package. I'd imagine that this is especially pertinent in an extreme climate like TX.

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if this was even a decent window, the poster would not be promoting it. Most high quality windows speak for themselves. Home craftsman is not one of them.

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Does anyone on here have INSTALLED Home Craftsman windows? Our North Texas climate is extreme, often times with windy, rainy 40mph winds. Then there are the temperatures which easily can be +100 degrees in the summer and in the 20 degree or lower range in the winter. I have Pella Impervia installed all across the back, but I am trying not to spend that much on the front windows. Availability of major manufacturers in Dallas is very poor.

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IâÂÂm in window business last 10 years and SIMONTON is definitely best brand on market with great warranty.

Here is a link that might be useful: simonton

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Windows on Washington

Fantastic post.

Really great stuff. Thank you for furthering the discussion.

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They have a good user name

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