Anderson 400 casement versus Marvin?

dgmarieJuly 7, 2010

Am about to make a very expensive decision and wanted a last bit of opinion...

We leaned toward Marvin Ultimates for replacing our casements and also looked at Anderson 400 series. I've read on here about Marvin and people love them. But is Anderson 400 in a casement so terrible?

We're leaning toward Anderson because we can get the interiors pre finished in white for about $10,000 less than Marvin.

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I wanted to add the cost difference is not from the windows themselves but the painting. The Marvins come primed and the window company wants $150 per window to take all the hardware off and spray them in a spray booth. The Andersons come painted.

We've had a bad experience with painting windows (by professionals) in the past and hate to ruin them with paint sticking etc.

Are we crazy to consider the Andersons? PS: I just learned the cladding on Andersen isn't aluminum but PVC and wondering if that would be a no no in my Northern (zone 5) climate.

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I've seen the pvc crack over time on the Anderson's. They are a good window but a step down from the Marvin. I would not call them an apple to apples comparison. The 400 series is closer the the Marvin Integrity series which can come prefinished white. $150 to paint is high in my opinion. I pay my painter 50-75 a window to paint. If done before they are installed sticking isn't a problem if they are given proper time to dry.

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Thanks Tube.

The $150 is because they have to completely disassemble all the hardware completely and then spray booth them and then reinstall all the hardware.

It turnedout the prepainted Anderson are actually the same price as the painted Marvins.

We've decided to go with the prepainted Marvins and just be done with this. We're already spending a ridiculous amount of money and don't want to now have to find and hire a good painter.

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