How do you make wedges?

caterwallinFebruary 8, 2012

At least I guess that's what to call them. I raise butterfly caterpillars to release them and am trying to think of an easier way to do it, so I started a project but am stuck because I don't know how to get something one an angle. I am fastening together 5 plastic rectangular empty juice containers by hooking them all together with a length of thin wood. They'll all be sitting on top of a row of other juice containers (what was handy and will give my bottles some height). I have to somehow have these containers at an angle (haven't figured out at what angle yet) and so I thought I'd need to make wedges. I have no idea how to do this as dumb as it may sound. I'm not really into woodworking but came here hoping that someone can answer my questions for me. I can make the sides easy enough (they would be perpendicular to each other), but then I'd have to somehow angle the third piece to attach to the first and second pieces, which would make a triangular shape at some kind of an angle that I don't know yet until I think about it some more. How do you angle a piece of wood? I don't have any fancy equipment. Even though this sounds like I'm joking I'm not. I'm just not wood savvy but know how to use a jigsaw a little bit. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.


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I think you're going to need to post a sketch of what you're trying to do. "Angle" could mean almost anything, and your description does not evoke a clear image.

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