Which Cutting System?

Imsunflwr1August 27, 2011

I'm thinking about getting a glass cutting system and have looked online at Morton, Beetle Bits, and Cutter's Mate. Have read a bit about them, but would like your opinions. Which one would you recommend? Thanks Much!

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I have the Beetle Bits. I started with the morton but way to complcated for me. I gave up and sold that one. Good luck!

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Appreciate your input! I thought more people would use them. Guess they're not all that I thought they were. :(

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I love my Morton, and seldom score/break glass w/o the system. The only shapes I make on it, though, are strips for making squares/rectangles and the diamond shape. The instructions were so complicated, I toss them out. Someone else had to show me how to cut the diamond shapes.

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I use morton's right now. Sometime i will get me a beetle bits system.

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Thanks so much! I saw the Beetle Bits in action at my fusing class on Wed. so when the time comes think I'll get that one. I liked it!

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