Barn Sub Panel

BraveDaveFebruary 5, 2011

I want to run power to a new barn I just put up on a piece of rural land.

I currently have an outdoor panel (Square D QO6-12L100RB) 100 amp main lug that is connected to the meter on a pole. There is not a main breaker in this panel. There are 3 circuits currently installed on it. A double pole 30A for the well, a single pole 20A utility outlet, and a single pole 30A for the RV hookup.

I want to put a 100 amp service in the barn. The distance from the pole to where the new panel location in the barn is, is 85 ft. away. I assume I need to replace the existing main lug panel on the pole with at least a 125 amp main breaker panel, and in addition to the current 3 circuits, install a double pole 100a breaker to feed the new sub panel in the barn. I would plan on re- using the existing 100amp panel for this. Is this correct?

I plan on burying 2 in. PVC to run the service wire from the new main to the sub panel. I have been told to use 2-2-2-4 AL SE wire for this. Is this correct?

Also, do I need to install an additional grounding rod for the sub panel in the barn?

Do I need to worry about the size of the meter socket if it is the appropriate size? How do I know?

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Ron Natalie

I presume there's no house or other existing structure other than the meter pole.

Yes, you will need a grounding system for the barn. Most likely that's TWO ground rods. You don't really need to worry about the meter other than you most likely only have 100A service and so you need to plan your loads appropriately.

If the barn is going to have animals in it, you have additional constraints on the wiring.

You can NOT use SE underground even if you place it in conduit. You need to run individual conductors (or use USE).

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