Removing aluminum windows from a brick house?

ascottJuly 7, 2006

I'm wondering the best way to remove aluminum windows from a brick house. I want to install replacement windows.

Assuming there is a flange nailed to the sheathing, how do you cut them out? One window salesman said people use a torch to cut them out. I know this is hard stuff.

Any thoughts or comments on the proper way to approach this?



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If you have a brick veneer house (one layer of brick with framed walls on the inside) the windows should be attached with a nail flange. A sawzall and some blades for metal will do the job.
Remove the sash, cut the head jamb as far as you can and then pry it downwards (yopu may need to work the saw in and cut a few nails). Cut through the frame completely, then start cutting nails and pulling the frame into the opening.

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