Pella Pro Line vs Marvin, prices?

earthmoverJuly 29, 2012

Hi, My builder has gotten us a quote for Pella Proline (wood interior, aluminum clad exterior)and I asked him to get us a Marvin quote too. He agreed, but added it would be out of my budget, likely twice as much. Is that true? Is it worthwhile to get multiple quotes on the same product from various vendors?

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Absolutely twice the price and five times the value. Pella Proline = bottom of the barrel builders grade wood window and Marvin would be about the best wood window available. Integrity by Marvin fiberglass would be closer ir price and still a much better window than the Proline.

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There is nothing Pella makes that is better than anything Marvin makes.

I would Google "Pella Reviews" for some insights into what consumers think of Pella Windows.

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You would be comparing new Michelins and a set of re-treads.

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Thanks for the responses. I have read a lot about Pella and Marvin. Am I likely to find better prices by getting quotes from various Marvin dealers? Strange thing about Pella, and granted my experience is very limited, but I have original 1974 Pella double paned windows in my mountain house that have been great. No rot, no condensation between the panes. We should probably replace for upgraded energy efficiency, but we have had no problems and I guess I was inclined to go that way based on my previous experience despite what I have read.

Would like to go with Marvin, but not sure about the cost, which makes me wonder how much we could potentially save by shopping around with various dealers.

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You will find most guys in the same area will all be in the same ballpark. However if you have a true lumberyard near you that sells Marvin you may be able to cut a little better deal with them if you use them for essentially all you lumber and building products for your build.

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