Looking for feedback for Window quotes (Inifinity and/or Alside)

hautingluJuly 25, 2010

So I'm at a point where I'm ready to replace windows, but the caveat being is I don't need high-end, Gucci windows....and here's why:

-Upstairs: I plan on having roommates next Spring, so I need just basic, but decent quality (probably vinyl). I might catch some heat for this, but what's the point of putting nice wood windows for someone else's enjoyment. Maybe in 10-20 yrs they will be replaced anyways. (First 3 pictures in the link below)

-Downstairs: I'm thinking of maybe going a bit higher-end on the 1st floor windows. The metal windows REALLY need to go asap, but the other wood windows I'm thinking of keeping....heck, with roommates the heating cost is only 1/3 =) And since the house doesn't have insulation (it's 100+ yrs old), so I really need the tightest windows?

(The rest of the metal windows and original wood/casement in the link below)

Pictures from a previous post:


Quote I: Quote from last winter when I was just shopping around. Came from an established window installer. Recommended a mix of new construction and inserts Anderson 400's throughout the house. At 26 windows, came out about $26,000. Others on here said to pass (too high $), so I kept looking.

Quote II: Guy came last week, they do Alside Excalibur and Marvin Infinity fiberglass. He quoted:

1. Upstairs: 11 Excalibur vinyl double hungs, white color, fused welded frames and sashes, aluminum reinforced meeting rails, double pane, low E argon, half screens. $5484

2. Downstairs:

a. Living room - 7 Excalibur vinyl double hungs $3479 (rusty metal windows), -OR- 7 Marvin Infinity $6011

b. Den, Kitchen, Dining room - I'm still debating replace these, 6 total windows:. (2) two-section Infinity fiberglass casement, (1) one-section Infinity fiberglass casement, and (3) Infinity fiberglass double hungs. $6516, -OR- the same but in the Alside Excalibur $3962.

From my readings here, I should pass on the Alside's. The Inifity's I could probably justify, but not upstairs. Is there a middle ground for the vinyl upstairs? I'm having another company come in Thursday, but I suspect I'll need one more.


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Windows on Washington

Your contractor sells Alside and Infinity? That is a first. You couldn't find two window aimed at different spectrum of the buying public.

Infinities are at least 2X the window that the Excalibur is.

Do they sell a better vinyl that compares a bit more favorably to the Infinity?

The Excalibur is a poor choice to say the least.

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Any thoughts on Vinylmax windows? Having a guy come out to get another quote and I believe from their site they install these.


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