Cable clamp...screws inside or outside the box?

kudzu9February 23, 2014

I'm adding a circuit to a subpanel and want to know if it matters, code-wise, which way the cable clamp for the Romex is mounted in the hole. I know that the part of the clamp with the lock washer is usually inside the box and the part of the clamp with the two screws is usually mounted outside the box, but it would be easier for clearance reasons if I could mount it with the screws inside the breaker box.

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So you have to remove the dead front panel to access...............and if you drop a clamp screw across the bus bars?

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Sorry...I'm not following. I'm putting in a 12 gauge cable through a standard 1/2" Romex clamp. The clamp will be screwed into a knockout hole in the bottom of the breaker box. The panel will, of course be turned off while I'm working in the box.

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No, it would be easier to use one of these.
This particular style slides onto the nm after it has been installed through a 1/2" ko and snaps into the hole from the inside of the panel. There is another style that looks similar but doesn't work the same. These are my connector of choice.

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Thanks...perfect solution.

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